Everything is normal

22 May 2020

As I write this I am sipping coffee overlooking a local carpark, whilst enjoying a break from work. Cars and people slip in and out as I watch.  A man comes into view.... Read more >

The future is in our hands

11 March 2020

I have been told my focus on facts rather than fear has sent the wrong message. I wish to correct any misconception. This virus is a very serious... Read more >

How do you use your intellect? 

21 February 2020

Over the years I have thought myself quite clever. I have been awarded, lauded and applauded … You know where this is going.  Yes I was bought down to earth with a... Read more >

Where would the world be?

20 January 2020

Jimmy Barnes and Taylor Swift are different to most of us not because they are unique but because they appreciate their specialness. They feel no need to be... Read more >

Leadership with Heart

17 January 2020

The programme A 13 week programme for mid level leaders who want to take charge of their career whilst bringing out the best in those around them. It starts March 2020. How... Read more >

I love micromanaging

5 February 2019

“I love micromanaging” said no one ever. Why do we think that anyone wants to micro manage? Micro managers generally worry all hours of the day and night. Who wants that? Not... Read more >