Joie de vivre

9 August 2019

What we believe about life infects every aspect of our activities. If that opening sentence interests you then you will likely enjoy learning about Richard Feynman a Nobel Prize winning mathematician and... Read more >

Creating financial security

15 October 2018

The weekend papers were filled with opinion about global financial markets and what this can mean to stock values. All the opinions were well founded (if the future unfolds as each author predicts).... Read more >

You have the right to say no

30 August 2018

At work, as elsewhere, you have the right to say No.  Indeed you should say “No” to a colleague or boss, when you don’t have capacity, the act will conflict with your values or... Read more >

The Ultimate Strategy

1 November 2015

Recently I was chatting to friends about leadership when I was reminded of a presentation that Mick Malthouse gave in 2011 on leadership and how the actions and reactions of the Coach impact club success. ... Read more >

The listening post

19 October 2014

What is the essence of a good meeting?  The answer may surprise you. A good meeting seeks conflict not agreement. Sounds counterintuitive? Well its not when the purpose of the meeting is... Read more >

How to make your business last 100 years: Create an icon.

21 October 2012

On October 20th 1973 the Sydney Opera House was opened. Over the last 29 years it has become a building that is known millions of people throughout the world who know it... Read more >