What you do matters

11 December 2019

Over summer we get lots of opportunities to socialise. Its a time of pleasure and fun, providing heaps of moments to see how our behaviour impacts others thus learning what matters, improving... Read more >

Opening minds to new opportunities

28 March 2019

To achieve change of any type we need to bring people along with us. No change ever happens in isolation. The more understanding we have of another’s wants, situation and fears, the... Read more >

Route to compassionate leadership

17 August 2018

Firms with a culture of compassion achieve above average profits1. Leaders who act compassionately seek to alleviate the suffering of the people around them2. Compassionate workplaces are satisfying3. Compassion rocks … or... Read more >

The truth about horses (or how to motivate your team)

6 March 2018

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink… A horse or a person – no difference: If the horse isn’t thirsty or doesn’t trust you, it’s not... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Trust (4 min)

15 December 2017

Narrative follows video Edited narrative of video: Trust is a delicate thing that takes a long time to be earned and can be lost in an instant. Being able to trust... Read more >

Why manners are important

6 July 2016

Manners seem so arcane: Please, thank you, opening the door, passing the water jug with a smile, replying to emails and messages. Such actions seem irrelevant in our fast paced world or... Read more >

How to make a good decision

6 June 2016

There is growing interest in protecting emotional energy. A strong, rested, and well fed brain will return a reasoned solution to complex problem better than one which is stressed.  ... Read more >

Are you a trusted adviser?

23 May 2016

Being a trusted adviser brings additional income, attracts the best employees and the most enjoyable clients. ... Read more >

Strategy Implementation: A story. A process: Video

5 May 2016

Atlassian is a software provider which listed on the NYE in December 2015 for $4.37B.  It was only 13 years old. This is how it was done. ... Read more >

3 crucial factors in budget setting

6 April 2016

The future can be only determined in hindsight and so it is crucial that strategic investments of people, technology, money and yes, even time, are well thought through. ... Read more >