The hidden opportunities

31 January 2020

Years ago when I was a young thing just starting out in my first business I found an opportunity in London so I passed my local clients to a friend and over... Read more >

Managing time is a misnomer

23 August 2018

We cannot manage time. It will continue moving regardless of our actions. So often when we say we want to manage time we really mean we want to control the future.  When we... Read more >

Managing the tension between the Planner and Doer self

15 August 2017

Ideas and plans have no place in the head of a leader who wants a legacy of success, not unless those plans are turned into results. The Planner gets excited by challenging... Read more >

Looking beyond the window

22 February 2015

Roy Hill, an Iron Ore mine in the far North of Western Australia is on line to achieve lift off in September 2015 when its first iron ore fines shipments will occur.... Read more >

Strategy Excellence – making businesses financially successful and admired

11 February 2015

The factors inherent in creating a business which is financially successful and highly admired are not secret and we look at them here.  ... Read more >

How to find more time and increase satisfaction

15 September 2014

By Jennifer Bishop There is a belief that growing complexity of business is demanding more working hours, yet the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that between 1999 and 2012 working Australians have gained... Read more >