The donkey and the cow

10 July 2020

There is a parable about a donkey which wants to be a cow.  All day the donkey runs after the herd of cows saying “I am a cow! I am a cow!... Read more >

Care don’t cure

29 May 2020

It is said that the two things humans seek from others is to be accepted and understood.  Validation can help us feel both. ... Read more >

Stockmarket? Coronavirus? What the?

28 February 2020

The ASX has dropped more than 10% on the back of the fears about CoronaVirus19. Its reminding us… The only thing to fear is fear itself. As the market results show, around the... Read more >

The herd

27 February 2020

This amazing piece of art seems so appropriate I was going to say “today”, though I think the way we humans act it’s an appropriate depiction of behaviour we see somewhere every... Read more >

Mike and Mike

14 February 2020

I have two friends, let’s call them both Mike (not their real name of course). They are born on the same day in the same year, have the same hair colour, same... Read more >

Making a dent in carbon emissions

29 January 2020

Using the calculator tool of Carbon Footprint Ltd which I found in this ABC article I got a real shock about my carbon foot print. I thought I was pretty good at... Read more >

Be proud to be an imposter

24 January 2020

You think you’re an imposter? Join the human race… … A species that has pushed itself to its limits time and time again.  Pushing limits is hardwired into us, so we’ve also built internal... Read more >

Where would the world be?

20 January 2020

Jimmy Barnes and Taylor Swift are different to most of us not because they are unique but because they appreciate their specialness. They feel no need to be... Read more >

How we steal futures

10 January 2020

When we solve another’s problems we do them and us a disservice. Recently I started wood turning. I was hopeless. Totally hopeless. I’ve made tables and things so it didn’t worry me. I... Read more >

Our actions matter

6 January 2020

Over the last few months we have seen both the best and the less than best actions of people.  The terrible fires and resulting destruction that have erupted in every Australian State... Read more >