What you do matters

11 December 2019

Over summer we get lots of opportunities to socialise. Its a time of pleasure and fun, providing heaps of moments to see how our behaviour impacts others thus learning what matters, improving... Read more >

Paying it forward

6 December 2019

Every so often someone acts or says something that changes our life forever: A few words from a colleague help us resolve a seemingly unsolvable problem. A friend makes an introduction that... Read more >

Learning from fraud

15 November 2019

It’s very easy to get frustrated or disappointed with the Government, and the Assistant Director General who has been charged with allegedly stealing more than $2.5 million of public money. On the... Read more >


26 March 2019

It is normal in life that there are down patches, just like it is normal that there are periods of joy. All nature has its cycles:  The seasons that run from Summer... Read more >

Who is in team YOU?

22 August 2018

Recently a lass appeared on my doorstep who had found herself penniless and homeless. Her ambition and drive (which had lead her to high places) had stopped her asking for help, thrusting... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Increasing self respect

24 November 2017

How have you gone this week?  Have there been times when you wanted things to be different, and suffered the pain of disappointment, anger, frustration and the like? What did you... Read more >