Build client loyalty – Explore don’t label

27 February 2019

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”  – Plato Recently I was treated as... Read more >

Smile or change your packaging

12 September 2018

There is a Chinese proverb: He who doesn’t smile should not set up shop. In this knowledge economy we have each set up shop. Yep, each one of us who is trading... Read more >

Sales Growth: How to earn a price premium

9 January 2018

Frequently sales revenue is said to be low because competition undercuts. This is always a fallacy. The reason sales are low is because the competition was better at meeting the client’s requirements.... Read more >

Creating structure in sales calls

2 November 2014

Any discussion between two or more people benefits from having structure.  The Purpose, Process, Payoff tool can be used to plan meetings, telephone calls, and even performance reviews. Its simplicity means that... Read more >

If you want to convert more sales, stop quoting

4 June 2014

For businesses seeking to increase sales conversion in a business-to-business environment it often surprises them when we say, “quote less”. Businesses crave the opportunity to quote as often as possible in the... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

25 March 2014

1. Be ready for the future.     If 20% of your revenue in 5 years time had to come from a product or service that didn’t currently exist, what would that be?  This... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

13 February 2014

1. Is your sales team full of “relationship” or “challenger” sales people? Greater business complexity and uncertainty is driving a rapid shift in the way customers are buying. Logically this is also... Read more >

4 easy ways to turn challenging customers into raving fans

1 November 2011

We have been experiencing some interesting economic times over the past year or two and whether or not it has affected your business, we can all agree that times have become tougher... Read more >

Jumping through hoops

14 March 2011

I recently purchased a dress. The dress was a lovely vibrant red, my favourite colour. I wore it on Christmas Day and felt festive and fabulous in my new red dress. At... Read more >