Do you live or simply exist? 4 truths about emotions

5 February 2018

The future is uncertain, you know that. Nothing can be predicted, there are simply too many variables in any situation. Will Mr Trump press his bigger button? Will a crisis happen and... Read more >

What is the legacy you want to leave?

12 December 2017

Knowing what is important to us at life end helps us craft a journey that will be filled with satisfaction and joy and enables us to lead authentically. ... Read more >

Millennials are not who you think they are

4 October 2016

“Aren’t millennials hard work” I hear you say. “They want everything, but won’t give their loyalty. They are only focused on themselves”. Yet is this true? ... Read more >

How to make a good decision

6 June 2016

There is growing interest in protecting emotional energy. A strong, rested, and well fed brain will return a reasoned solution to complex problem better than one which is stressed.  ... Read more >

Seven strategies for ongoing profitability

28 June 2013

To retain and gain profit requires good strategy and implementation. This blog includes 7 key strategies to keep a firm strong and prosperous. Prime Minister Rudd has commenced his new role foretelling... Read more >

Finding opportunities when there are none to find

17 May 2013

Yesterday I spoke with an executive whose business sells goods to the Oil & Gas industry.  The firm is a multinational, it has a quality product which is essential to gas production... Read more >