Compassion – using a sandwich

12 June 2020

Sometimes leaders confuse compassion with accepting under performance, for example, Jack has a sick child and is constantly missing deadlines. To ensure the project gets finished on time other staff are forced to work late.... Read more >

Let us all thrive

5 June 2020

Several weeks back I was walking after dark and behind me a chap started shouting abuse.  Becoming scared I looked for refuge, but the houses were all dark. ... Read more >

Care don’t cure

29 May 2020

It is said that the two things humans seek from others is to be accepted and understood.  Validation can help us feel both. ... Read more >

Thinking comes afterwards

24 April 2020

There is a lovely adage: When you’re thinking you’re not seeing what is truly there.  In our educated world we seem to believe that thinking is important, indeed so important that Descartes said... Read more >

Creating abundance

3 February 2020

There remains lots of support for new year resolutions. I find this interesting…Not because the support is required – with help goals can be achieved faster (and in any case it’s my... Read more >

Our actions matter

6 January 2020

Over the last few months we have seen both the best and the less than best actions of people.  The terrible fires and resulting destruction that have erupted in every Australian State... Read more >

Turning relationships around

6 September 2019

The way we behave with others drives how others will behave with us. Whether that interaction produces positive results depends on the situation, our knowledge and the interpretative strategies we employ. We... Read more >

The body speaks louder than words

16 August 2019

Communication is the mainstay of relationships. It’s so important that we are able to appraise another in milliseconds of meeting, and then hold onto that appraisal until its proven wrong. We communicate... Read more >

Everyone is doing the best that they can

26 July 2019

Today everyone in your office is doing the best they can. Do you realise this? … Yes, there are people who are not willing to put in the hours or the effort... Read more >

Let’s party

17 October 2018

Is it the fear of not being perfect that’s making elopement de rigueur? Within an 18 month period I’m celebrating in absentia 3 weddings. That is 3 friends or family are enjoying their... Read more >