Route to compassionate leadership

17 August 2018

Firms with a culture of compassion achieve above average profits1. Leaders who act compassionately seek to alleviate the suffering of the people around them2. Compassionate workplaces are satisfying3. Compassion rocks … or... Read more >

The bounty of focus: Renown, profits and fun

12 February 2018

To build a remarkable firm with above average profits and no wasted effort requires the right mix of knowledge, challenge, and employees who “click” with clients. ... Read more >

What the Gig Economy means for CEOs

12 September 2017

The changing structure of the working community is a significant challenge for CEOs. The increasing globalisation of worker availability has changed the dynamics of workforce structure. There has always been a place... Read more >

Boiling frog syndrome

22 August 2017

You’ve heard it, put a frog into cool water and gradually heat it, and the frog will be boiled alive. Put the frog into hot water and it jumps straight out. Every... Read more >

How to lead an imposter

14 September 2015

Do you know who came into work today promising to complete a task believing that they did not have the skill to do so? ... Read more >

Top 6 Tips for Good Financial Health

8 April 2014

Here are my top tips for good financial health. In a previous blog, Three Key Ratios for Business Success I talked about the need for any business to achieve a certain rate of... Read more >

Business Maximiser Opportunities

17 March 2014

We have continued to see a number of businesses struggle to return to the prosperous times that were experienced several years ago. This performance has limited the number of opportunities they have... Read more >

The economy is picking up. Are you ready?

11 September 2013

The economy is picking up and it is a perfect time for the forward looking firm to ensure its house is in order.  It’s tempting to go for growth to offset the... Read more >

4 key attributes to a responsive business

30 January 2013

Making profit is an obligation for all enterprises whether big, small, not for profit or private.  All shareholders, owners, and constituents know that a policy of status quo will not produce ongoing... Read more >

Federal election: What are you doing to protect your business?

29 January 2013

Today Prime Minister Gillard announced to the Australian public that the Federal Election will be held on 14 September 2013. The periods prior to the election and post election traditionally create uncertainty.... Read more >