Becoming trustworthy is straight forward

2 April 2019

Understanding how to build trust is becoming more and more important. Clients want to do business with suppliers who they feel safe with. Likewise employees want to work with employers who are... Read more >

Opening minds to new opportunities

28 March 2019

To achieve change of any type we need to bring people along with us. No change ever happens in isolation. The more understanding we have of another’s wants, situation and fears, the... Read more >

The reason guys don’t get it

11 September 2018

Recently I was involved in discussions on sexual harassment awareness efforts. It became obvious that group participants understood sexual harassment as a situation between woman and man. Although factually correct, most of the... Read more >

Steps to SUCCESS

28 August 2018

Steps to success: See your goal Understand the obstacles Create a positive mental picture Clear your mind of self doubt Embrace the challenge Stay on track Show the world you can do... Read more >

Do not love half lovers

4 December 2017

“Do not love half lovers Do not entertain half friends Do not indulge in works of the half talented Do not live half a life and do not die a half death... Read more >

6 secrets of a motivating leader

21 March 2017

Whilst becoming quite drenched in sweat this morning I was reminded of the intricate forces which affect a firm’s chance of success. Struggling to perform a perfect jump, I was the recipient... Read more >

Millennials are not who you think they are

4 October 2016

“Aren’t millennials hard work” I hear you say. “They want everything, but won’t give their loyalty. They are only focused on themselves”. Yet is this true? ... Read more >

It’s my party

9 July 2016

Remember the song  “its my party” written by Seymour Gottlieb in the 60s? Well if you don’t, no worries.  It was based on the 16th birthday party of Gottlieb’s daughter. Her boyfriend had... Read more >

Why manners are important

6 July 2016

Manners seem so arcane: Please, thank you, opening the door, passing the water jug with a smile, replying to emails and messages. Such actions seem irrelevant in our fast paced world or... Read more >

I listen therefore you exist

30 September 2015

In these days of selfies, 9 sec attention spans and egocentricity, the ability to listen well is a skill that can set you apart. ... Read more >