Compassion – using a sandwich

12 June 2020

Sometimes leaders confuse compassion with accepting under performance, for example, Jack has a sick child and is constantly missing deadlines. To ensure the project gets finished on time other staff are forced to work late.... Read more >

Feel sublime for a while

13 March 2020

In a time of uncertainty it’s useful to access your inner strength as well as put on the lens of Pronoia.  Pronoia is a delusion that others think well of one.  Actions... Read more >

How we steal futures

10 January 2020

When we solve another’s problems we do them and us a disservice. Recently I started wood turning. I was hopeless. Totally hopeless. I’ve made tables and things so it didn’t worry me. I... Read more >

Fill the tank first

19 December 2019

2020 is coming. What is your theme for the year? Ever found you become forgetful, impatient, or have periods on auto pilot after adding a new project to your already high workload... Read more >


5 December 2019

Do you ever get the urge to take someone down a peg or two? Maybe they have done something that’s hurt you. Maybe they are just... Read more >

Becoming trustworthy is straight forward

2 April 2019

Understanding how to build trust is becoming more and more important. Clients want to do business with suppliers who they feel safe with. Likewise employees want to work with employers who are... Read more >

Opening minds to new opportunities

28 March 2019

To achieve change of any type we need to bring people along with us. No change ever happens in isolation. The more understanding we have of another’s wants, situation and fears, the... Read more >

The reason guys don’t get it

11 September 2018

Recently I was involved in discussions on sexual harassment awareness efforts. It became obvious that group participants understood sexual harassment as a situation between woman and man. Although factually correct, most of the... Read more >

Steps to SUCCESS

28 August 2018

Steps to success: See your goal Understand the obstacles Create a positive mental picture Clear your mind of self doubt Embrace the challenge Stay on track Show the world you can do... Read more >

Do not love half lovers

4 December 2017

“Do not love half lovers Do not entertain half friends Do not indulge in works of the half talented Do not live half a life and do not die a half death... Read more >