What we focus on grows

13 December 2019

What we focus on grows. Turn your head. How many red items can you see around you?  How many of these had you paid no attention to until this moment?  I have... Read more >

Silence really is golden

28 November 2019

I am a scaredy cat. Not the type which baulks at dark laneways as I have had enough challenging times to be unconcerned by what could be lurking there, nor am I... Read more >

Its your choice

1 November 2019

There is a parable about two chicken farmers. The first chicken farmer goes into the coop, picks up all the chicken shit and brings it back into the house where its stinks... Read more >

Gratitude enhances health and work performance

25 October 2019

When we wish to reduce stress and anxiety and increase work performance, saying words of gratitude is a good place to start. The act of noting what we have and how we... Read more >

A crash course to feeling more alive

25 March 2019

Tomorrow would still continue if I was to die tonight. The sun would come up. The moon would still set. Taxes would still be levied.  Whether my worries or hopes come true... Read more >

Letting go negative thoughts

2 October 2018

You may recall I committed to 7 days of not holding onto negative thoughts. The first few days were all sunshine, then… Day 5 – a matter disrupted that idea and I... Read more >

Eliminating negative thoughts

21 September 2018

If we want our life to change we have to stop thinking about it and start taking action. Maybe we want less internal resistance to completing the report. Maybe we want better... Read more >

Smile or change your packaging

12 September 2018

There is a Chinese proverb: He who doesn’t smile should not set up shop. In this knowledge economy we have each set up shop. Yep, each one of us who is trading... Read more >

Life is a circus

10 September 2018

Life is a circus. One moment we juggle, the next we balance, another we are doing backflips. To do them each well, we do them one after another.  We can’t do a perfect... Read more >

Circles within circles

4 September 2018

The tightrope walker generates awe as we see her high above us. Each step she seeks a new equilibrium amongst the numerous variables that exist within and without her. Only a thin... Read more >