What gets measured changes reality

4 May 2018

‘What gets measured gets done’ is a phrase that is worthwhile making a daily reflection. What we focus on changes its environment, and many resulting impacts will be unexpected as the kerfuffle... Read more >

Creating Key Performance Measures

16 November 2014

Creating performance measures is a task that is little loved.  Yet good performance measures are valuable. They offer a goal to focus on, show the success of changes in strategies and give... Read more >

3 key ideas for success

12 September 2013

Lead and Lag indicators, what are you measuring? When seeking to drive improved performance across your organization most business leaders focus their attention solely on key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are ‘lag’... Read more >

Performance Measures: What makes them Key?

11 July 2011

The best KPIs are measures of process which result in outcomes that drive the business forward.  They target those activities which will enhance the achievement of strategic goals. One of the most... Read more >