Boiling frog syndrome

22 August 2017

You’ve heard it, put a frog into cool water and gradually heat it, and the frog will be boiled alive. Put the frog into hot water and it jumps straight out. Every... Read more >

What is your CEO leadership score?

2 December 2016

Over the last year the world around you has changed. Your firm will have changed too. Whether you realise or not it will have changed in every aspect, sometimes only a little,... Read more >

Do you have the champagne right?

28 July 2015

You stand in the board room witnessing the flow of champagne and celebrate the new client engagement and the Partner who won it.  ... Read more >

Unlocking value via the “product surround”

5 June 2013

Every business needs to regularly review its offering to find fresh ways to meet customer needs.  But where do you focus? In every product or service there is a core product, the... Read more >

Are you out there enough? 10 key ideas, 3 videos and a whole new take on your business model

29 March 2013

I love videos don’t you?  In a minute or two the most complex of ideas can be explained through interesting examples. So here are 3 videos which provide 3 different business models... Read more >