Building conflict into strategy

15 December 2014

In a recent webinar on strategic planning  I commented that one of the pitfalls in the strategic planning process  is the lack of conflict in the planning process.  When one of the... Read more >

How to find more time and increase satisfaction

15 September 2014

By Jennifer Bishop There is a belief that growing complexity of business is demanding more working hours, yet the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that between 1999 and 2012 working Australians have gained... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

13 February 2014

1. Is your sales team full of “relationship” or “challenger” sales people? Greater business complexity and uncertainty is driving a rapid shift in the way customers are buying. Logically this is also... Read more >

The dark side of leadership development – Overcoming our resistance to change

6 February 2014

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Gustav Jung In the leadership development work that I facilitate with both individuals and organizations... Read more >

How to Deal with the Leadership Shift

5 June 2013

Businesses are under increasing stress as markets are increasingly volatile, clients are more demanding, talent is scarcer and change occurs in faster and shorter cycles. To survive and thrive business leaders have... Read more >

6 rules to creating the dream organisation

25 April 2013

Finding the dream organisation is considered to be much like finding the holy grail, hard if not impossible. But Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones decided to take up the challenge. Three years... Read more >

Great leadership requires more

4 March 2013

These attributes can help the aspiring leader to become a great leader. Consider them when developing mentoring and experience pathways for your team. ... Read more >

7 key attributes of successful leadership

10 February 2013

Leadership is about character and interaction. It is about humanity and relationships. Its about the ability to tell a tale which changes behaviour. Above all, its about serving others. During his 2009 Inaugural address, Barak... Read more >

Leadership in an Age of Fast-Paced Change

2 December 2012

If you search using the term “leadership”, Amazon will return 95,695 results. People have been writing about leadership since ancient times: Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is... Read more >