Strategy Implementation: A story. A process: Video

5 May 2016

Atlassian is a software provider which listed on the NYE in December 2015 for $4.37B.  It was only 13 years old. This is how it was done. ... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

4 June 2014

1. Have you challenged your Vision, Mission and Purpose lately? For too many businesses their vision, mission and purpose are more ‘marketing’ pieces created for placement on their website or in a... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

25 March 2014

1. Be ready for the future.     If 20% of your revenue in 5 years time had to come from a product or service that didn’t currently exist, what would that be?  This... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

13 February 2014

1. Is your sales team full of “relationship” or “challenger” sales people? Greater business complexity and uncertainty is driving a rapid shift in the way customers are buying. Logically this is also... Read more >

3 key ideas for success

12 September 2013

Lead and Lag indicators, what are you measuring? When seeking to drive improved performance across your organization most business leaders focus their attention solely on key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are ‘lag’... Read more >