Creating agility

7 February 2020

There are people in our companies who challenge us. They challenge our opinions. They challenge our authority. They challenge our fixed sense of who we are. Along with each challenge comes a... Read more >

How great leaders use life rhythm to maximise productivity

17 October 2017

Consumer data improved last week, to the highest it has been since November 2016 with the headline rate showing a gain in optimists so that they now over shadow pessimists regarding the... Read more >

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

31 August 2016

“As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use”. This creates knowledge with depth and utility, but little novelty. ... Read more >

How is the professional of the future using Artificial Intelligence?

2 May 2016

Professionals are employed because of the knowledge they control: “know – what” and “know – how”. Artificial Intelligence can save or collapse the professional firm.  ... Read more >

Why Trust?

5 November 2015

Trust is an interesting thing, without it our world would be impossible to navigate yet we rarely focus on its development in our firms. ... Read more >

The process of innovation

8 March 2015

Successful innovation is the accumulation of goal clarity, ideas that align with strategy, a foundation which enables innovation to bloom, and a process that tests each assumption. ... Read more >

The 3 pillars of innovation

4 March 2015

Innovative solutions don’t need to be novel, but they are clever in meeting a need. To be successful innovation requires these 3 factors: Knowledge, Culture and Process. ... Read more >

Strategy Excellence – making businesses financially successful and admired

11 February 2015

The factors inherent in creating a business which is financially successful and highly admired are not secret and we look at them here.  ... Read more >

Seven sources of innovation

8 February 2015

Innovation denotes something new and unexpected that has been created through creative insight. Getting this insight may seem difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be. ... Read more >

3 Key Ideas for Success

25 March 2014

1. Be ready for the future.     If 20% of your revenue in 5 years time had to come from a product or service that didn’t currently exist, what would that be?  This... Read more >