Happiness is waiting

16 October 2018

Happiness relies on your boss! (or so the headline said) Really? I think you and I know that’s rubbish. No one (boss or otherwise) can make you happy. Happiness relies 100% on... Read more >

Creating financial security

15 October 2018

The weekend papers were filled with opinion about global financial markets and what this can mean to stock values. All the opinions were well founded (if the future unfolds as each author predicts).... Read more >

Go West Coast!

28 September 2018

In 1992 I was walking the Perth river foreshore with growing disquiet. All noise was absent. Not a car, not a laugh, not a grass blower’s incessant rant could be heard. All... Read more >

Mid life crisis

7 March 2018

MID LIFE: 20 years or so into a career, when one’s peak has been achieved, or soon will be. When the question becomes: “Is this all there is?” CRISIS: Turning point when... Read more >

Creating a future that gives you freedom and happiness

16 February 2018

It is never too late or too early to live a full life. ... Read more >

What is the legacy you want to leave?

12 December 2017

Knowing what is important to us at life end helps us craft a journey that will be filled with satisfaction and joy and enables us to lead authentically. ... Read more >

Validation: 3 questions that improve your leadership edge

27 September 2017

Where we look for validation has a direct impact on our ability to lead as it impacts how we react to everyday occurrences. Self validation is an important part of... Read more >

Creating the power of closeness

1 August 2017

One of the most frequently heard laments is leadership is a lonely role, especially for leaders at the very top of firms. Loneliness infers there is a lack of intimacy in relationships. If... Read more >

7 things to do this Spring

31 August 2016

1 Learn something new. Spend 15 minutes each day on skill share.   Access a myriad of information, from business courses by some of the world’s best thinkers (Seth Godin, Simon Sinek etc al), to calligraphy... Read more >

Why manners are important

6 July 2016

Manners seem so arcane: Please, thank you, opening the door, passing the water jug with a smile, replying to emails and messages. Such actions seem irrelevant in our fast paced world or... Read more >