Everything is normal

22 May 2020

As I write this I am sipping coffee overlooking a local carpark, whilst enjoying a break from work. Cars and people slip in and out as I watch.  A man comes into view.... Read more >

Bear Wisdom

9 April 2020

Easter is upon us. A time of chocolate, reflection, and hope. A time when bears sit in windows and wise words take centre stage, and who is the wisest bear? Winnie the... Read more >

Its time to care

16 March 2020

In times of fear the best thing to do is to think about others. Helping others bolsters our sense of achievement. It reminds us, that no matter what we do, or have... Read more >

Creating abundance

3 February 2020

There remains lots of support for new year resolutions. I find this interesting…Not because the support is required – with help goals can be achieved faster (and in any case it’s my... Read more >

Fill the tank first

19 December 2019

2020 is coming. What is your theme for the year? Ever found you become forgetful, impatient, or have periods on auto pilot after adding a new project to your already high workload... Read more >


5 December 2019

Do you ever get the urge to take someone down a peg or two? Maybe they have done something that’s hurt you. Maybe they are just... Read more >

Let’s work to the design

29 November 2019

We are such strange creatures. We design complex machines with inbuilt warning systems to stop problems turning into calamities. When we see the oil light flashing on our car dashboard we’ll take... Read more >

Making doubt your friend

27 March 2019

When doubt raises its head open your arms and grasp it to you and softly speak to it as follows: Remind it how many mountains you have conquered, many you have seen... Read more >

Making your words work for you

20 September 2018

Making words work for you. The words we use create our internal images, impacting how we feel and the energy we have at our finger tips. By changing our words we change... Read more >

A path to better relationships

24 August 2018

When feeling the pull of self doubt, anger, resentment or even false optimism, its wise to stop and see what may be missing in the storyline you are building in your brain... Read more >