Let’s party

17 October 2018

Is it the fear of not being perfect that’s making elopement de rigueur? Within an 18 month period I’m celebrating in absentia 3 weddings. That is 3 friends or family are enjoying their... Read more >

The importance of regret

10 October 2018

One of the emotions I treasure is regret. Its a counterpoint to empathy, enabling compassion to arise unbidden; vital to my happiness as it connects me better to others. Regret allows me to... Read more >

Making your words work for you

20 September 2018

Making words work for you. The words we use create our internal images, impacting how we feel and the energy we have at our finger tips. By changing our words we change... Read more >

Everything that starts will end

6 September 2018

Everything that starts will end. Projects, holidays, friendships Responsibilities, thoughts, emotions Hassles, delights, concerns Lives All of life follows this rule. Know this deep inside you and then you’ll live life to... Read more >