What we focus on grows

13 December 2019

What we focus on grows. Turn your head. How many red items can you see around you?  How many of these had you paid no attention to until this moment?  I have... Read more >

What and why

22 October 2019

If you want autonomy and to guide your future forward, seek more ”What” than “Why”. “What happened?”; “What do we want?”; “What is the problem here?”; “What made this feel good for... Read more >

Do you measure up?

20 September 2019

The best measures encourage behaviour that enhances the achievement of strategic goals. When both lead and lag measures are used together, forecasts for future performance are more reliable. ... Read more >

Joie de vivre

9 August 2019

What we believe about life infects every aspect of our activities. If that opening sentence interests you then you will likely enjoy learning about Richard Feynman a Nobel Prize winning mathematician and... Read more >

Life is a circus

10 September 2018

Life is a circus. One moment we juggle, the next we balance, another we are doing backflips. To do them each well, we do them one after another.  We can’t do a perfect... Read more >

The power of loss

29 August 2018

There can be projects in an organisation that should not exist but do because we won’t let them go. It seems the more we invest in something – our time, our hopes,... Read more >


16 February 2018

The lane we drive in, the breakfast we eat, the clothes we wear. We make these daily choices, and get on with it. Its not the choice that matters, but making that... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Decision making

1 December 2017

How’s your week been? How are you evaluating that question I just asked?  What criteria are you going to use? Every decision in life uses evaluation. As leaders that’s what we... Read more >

Four truths in decision making

7 November 2017

Decision making is much like gambling. We throw the dice, make the decision and hope that what comes up is a winner. ... Read more >

What makes a Board successful?

29 August 2017

The reporting season is showing that Australia is not operating as well as we could be. Dividends are up and media attention has not been on profits, which have been mediocre, but... Read more >