How to make a good decision

6 June 2016

There is growing interest in protecting emotional energy. A strong, rested, and well fed brain will return a reasoned solution to complex problem better than one which is stressed.  ... Read more >

3 crucial factors in budget setting

6 April 2016

The future can be only determined in hindsight and so it is crucial that strategic investments of people, technology, money and yes, even time, are well thought through. ... Read more >

The Ultimate Strategy

1 November 2015

Recently I was chatting to friends about leadership when I was reminded of a presentation that Mick Malthouse gave in 2011 on leadership and how the actions and reactions of the Coach impact club success. ... Read more >

I listen therefore you exist

30 September 2015

In these days of selfies, 9 sec attention spans and egocentricity, the ability to listen well is a skill that can set you apart. ... Read more >

The 3 pillars of innovation

4 March 2015

Innovative solutions don’t need to be novel, but they are clever in meeting a need. To be successful innovation requires these 3 factors: Knowledge, Culture and Process. ... Read more >

Strategy Excellence – making businesses financially successful and admired

11 February 2015

The factors inherent in creating a business which is financially successful and highly admired are not secret and we look at them here.  ... Read more >

The dark side of leadership development – Overcoming our resistance to change

6 February 2014

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Gustav Jung In the leadership development work that I facilitate with both individuals and organizations... Read more >

Why the top organisations get to the top

8 August 2013

We often wonder why some businesses are so much better than others, even though they sell the same products and services. Why is this the case? The study of businesses indicates that... Read more >

How to Deal with the Leadership Shift

5 June 2013

Businesses are under increasing stress as markets are increasingly volatile, clients are more demanding, talent is scarcer and change occurs in faster and shorter cycles. To survive and thrive business leaders have... Read more >

Finding opportunities when there are none to find

17 May 2013

Yesterday I spoke with an executive whose business sells goods to the Oil & Gas industry.  The firm is a multinational, it has a quality product which is essential to gas production... Read more >