The secret of success

3 December 2019

Yesterday for the first time in ten years a LinkedIn post of mine got no views. I failed in my objective. I did not get what I had expected. I got a... Read more >

What is your CEO leadership score?

2 December 2016

Over the last year the world around you has changed. Your firm will have changed too. Whether you realise or not it will have changed in every aspect, sometimes only a little,... Read more >

What sets you apart?

8 September 2016

A firm’s competitive advantage, often called its differentiator, is the myriad of activities which added together create value for the client. It is why a client will buy from your firm and... Read more >

How ready are you?

31 August 2016

Is the down trend over?  Time will tell but resources prices are showing some stabilisation: FMG’s latest dividend was 25c compared to 2c a year ago and BHP Chief Executive Andrew McKenzie... Read more >

Are you a trusted adviser?

23 May 2016

Being a trusted adviser brings additional income, attracts the best employees and the most enjoyable clients. ... Read more >

How to lead an imposter

14 September 2015

Do you know who came into work today promising to complete a task believing that they did not have the skill to do so? ... Read more >

3 key ideas for success

12 September 2013

Lead and Lag indicators, what are you measuring? When seeking to drive improved performance across your organization most business leaders focus their attention solely on key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are ‘lag’... Read more >

4 key attributes to a responsive business

30 January 2013

Making profit is an obligation for all enterprises whether big, small, not for profit or private.  All shareholders, owners, and constituents know that a policy of status quo will not produce ongoing... Read more >

How to make your business last 100 years: Create an icon.

21 October 2012

On October 20th 1973 the Sydney Opera House was opened. Over the last 29 years it has become a building that is known millions of people throughout the world who know it... Read more >

Positive works

6 October 2011

What can business do to succeed in this climate of uncertainty? Focus on what it does well, that’s what. In business, as in life, what we focus on gets our attention, our resources and... Read more >