Mind reading

12 April 2019

Recently a statement was told to me.  It was said quietly and with obvious pain. This person had recently left a relationship. The other person is hurting  I was told.  Nothing... Read more >

Opening minds to new opportunities

28 March 2019

To achieve change of any type we need to bring people along with us. No change ever happens in isolation. The more understanding we have of another’s wants, situation and fears, the... Read more >

Who is in team YOU?

22 August 2018

Recently a lass appeared on my doorstep who had found herself penniless and homeless. Her ambition and drive (which had lead her to high places) had stopped her asking for help, thrusting... Read more >

Route to compassionate leadership

17 August 2018

Firms with a culture of compassion achieve above average profits1. Leaders who act compassionately seek to alleviate the suffering of the people around them2. Compassionate workplaces are satisfying3. Compassion rocks … or... Read more >

What is compassion?

11 June 2018

Compassion is a feeling of pity, sympathy, and understanding for someone who is suffering from painful feelings such as loss, embarrassment, anger, resentment, fear, as well as physical pain. Compassion is... Read more >

Why compassion leads to success (and how to create it within ourselves): Video

18 October 2017

The need for rapid change has created a focus on results. Without doubt aiming for goals is important to create financial success, but if leaders seek goals at any cost, it is... Read more >