Increasing employment

19 June 2020

High employment increases innovation and thus our own job security.  The more people employed, the more buyers there are in the market and the more people who are providing great service and... Read more >

Compassion – using a sandwich

12 June 2020

Sometimes leaders confuse compassion with accepting under performance, for example, Jack has a sick child and is constantly missing deadlines. To ensure the project gets finished on time other staff are forced to work late.... Read more >

Let us all thrive

5 June 2020

Several weeks back I was walking after dark and behind me a chap started shouting abuse.  Becoming scared I looked for refuge, but the houses were all dark. ... Read more >

Immune booster

1 April 2020

It’s time to be strengthening our body and increasing our endorphins is a good place to start. Endorphins are those feel good chemicals which arise when we do stuff that makes us... Read more >

The future is in our hands

11 March 2020

I have been told my focus on facts rather than fear has sent the wrong message. I wish to correct any misconception. This virus is a very serious... Read more >

Be proud to be an imposter

24 January 2020

You think you’re an imposter? Join the human race… … A species that has pushed itself to its limits time and time again.  Pushing limits is hardwired into us, so we’ve also built internal... Read more >

Our actions matter

6 January 2020

Over the last few months we have seen both the best and the less than best actions of people.  The terrible fires and resulting destruction that have erupted in every Australian State... Read more >


8 November 2019

Forgiveness is a wise and selfish act. It frees the forgiver from the shackles of suffering. Recently I sought this salve yet despite seemingly thousands of attempts at understanding, forgiveness seemed unattainable.... Read more >

Its your choice

1 November 2019

There is a parable about two chicken farmers. The first chicken farmer goes into the coop, picks up all the chicken shit and brings it back into the house where its stinks... Read more >

Celebrate the quiet achievers

22 August 2019

It is gratifying to read stories about success and how the actions of strong men and women inspire. It salves our desire for heroes and drama. Our aspirations for more money, more... Read more >