Strategic planning

In theory the activity of ‘business’ is simple: A firm makes products and services and sells them at a profit which is sufficient to meet the financial return expectations of its owners, and its investment needs. But as we know achieving such simplicity is difficult.

A good corporate strategy process cuts through the clutter and uncovers the activities that will add most value to clients and to the firm itself and so achieve the needed financial and investment goals. The output of the corporate strategy process is a plan that allocates resources (human, financial, technological and the like) so that short term and long term results are optimised.

Like my strategy process,  the plan produced is simple. A simple plan is more easily understood and so more readily adopted by those responsible for its implementation:  A simple plan makes achieving strategic goals much easier.


Testimonial by David Payne

“Jen enabled me to uncover my goals and the journey to get there. It was easy once she showed me how.”