Leadership with Heart – 2021 Programme details

Leadership with heart is a 13 week course, designed for high performing team leaders who want to take charge of their career. It will run April to June 2021.

How Leadership with Heart is different

Combining workshops, coaching, selected readings, and exercises that leverage the skills of attendees, this 13 week programme fast tracks leaders to the next level. It is a programme which unashamedly engages heart skills (the skills that bond relationships plus embolden trust and courage) so as to compound results well beyond the programme finish.

Topics include

  • Handling ambiguity
  • Understanding worldviews
  • Securing buy in
  • Prioritising
  • Problem solving
  • Successful meetings
  • Mistakes as a resource
  • Personal branding
  • Marketing versus sales
  • Making change happen

Is this program for you?

This programme is for mid level leaders who want to take control of their career whilst bringing out the best in those around them. These team leaders are doers who know they must deliver what is needed not only what is wanted if they are to succeed.

It is not for everyone. It’s not for those who want the world to stay as it is, nor those who see the world in terms of “I win – You lose.”

This is for leaders who want to write their own roadmap, to create change, and sail the turbulent waters that this can generate.

How companies gain.

This programme builds skills and awareness of the leaders at the frontline. These leaders are the ones who see the trends in play, when problems and opportunities are young and easier to manage. You need these people to contribute their ideas in ways that instil trust and confidence so as to obtain the commitment of others and negotiate the journey to success. This programme builds skills, experience and knowledge producing such results.

In a world of increasingly complex problems, it is the person who deals best with uncertainty who succeeds.

What others have said

“I found overall the session was very useful: reinforcing those principles [which help us] to become more effective, a better team player, and just being better overall at work.” Jason Ito

“Jennifer provides pragmatic, actionable guidance on how to perform at the highest level. Jennifer has a breadth of real-world experience that enables her to have insights that go far beyond text book learnings. ” Peter McCafferty

“Jennifer has an amazing ability to take any challenge in business and methodically break it down to create clear solutions with action steps that are simple and achievable.” Rachel Young

“I recommend Jen to any leader wants to achieve results.” Brian Middleton


Jennifer Bishop FCA, GAICD.

For more than 25 years, Jennifer has been working with organisations and leaders navigating ambiguity whilst seeking to improve profit, growth, engagement and the pleasure of working.

Her training and facilitation skills were initiated in London with Video Arts, polished by presenting to professional bodies such as The Australian Institute of Company Directors and Engineers Australia and are enjoyed by leaders of small, medium and large corporations. Jennifer’s style is to leverage the knowledge of participants so that sessions are interesting, informative and applicable to their situation.

Attendance details: Here are the details for 2021

Venue for workshops and coaching

  • Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, 1 Hobbs place, Peppermint Grove. Western Australia.


3 full day workshops, one per month.


4 face to face coaching sessions.

Prior to the the first coaching session participants will be asked to complete a DISC and Character Trait questionnaire to uncover what may be holding them back from success, as well as the traits, motivators and behaviours that drive their actions and behaviours.

Getting your company to pay

Check out  6 ways to get your training reimbursed.


$3,156, including GST.


Looking forward to working with you.