Business coaching

How do we work?

You have a destination in mind, you want to get there now, but are not sure how. This is where a coach can help.  A coach of a business leader has the same purpose as the coach of an elite athlete. The athlete brings her skills and abilities and turns to her coach for a programme of training, and for guidance through times of opportunity and challenge.

  • Sometimes it’s the mental noise that stops success from coming as you want so I help you tame your inner chatter, increasing insight and energy along the way.
  • Sometimes its the inability to harness the collective intelligence of your team, so I help you improve your relationship skills and self awareness.
  • Sometimes its learning skills that break the cycle of bandaid solutions, stopping wasted energy and money, creating resilience where leakage used to be.
  • Sometimes you need a sounding board to help you traverse a difficult project and seek my decades deep  experience that is tempered with heart.

You bring your knowledge of your firm,  your curiosity and desire and I bring my experience, proven tools, methods and provocative questions. Together we bring out the best in you, and through you, your colleagues and team.

Through face-to-face or on-line coaching sessions, you will be assisted to develop clarity, wisdom, and a personal style that attracts the support of others, so that the quality strategies and plans we make together are implemented without delay.

You will be guided to identify opportunities, take action and evaluate success. My simple process makes your journey straightforward.

At each stage you will evaluate what works and what doesn’t and use this new knowledge to continuously improve.

What are the benefits – For the firm?

  1. Controlled change
  2. Reduced conflict
  3. More ideas
  4. Faster decisions
  5. Increased trust
  6. More autonomy
  7. Increased profit
  8. Improved firm value
  9. Improved cashflow
  10. Less firefighting
  11. More laughter

What are the benefits – For the individual?

  1. More time
  2. More options
  3. Greater satisfaction
  4. Increased confidence
  5. More income
  6. More enjoyable relationships
  7. Achieving what is promised

Which leaders use me?

  • Boards
  • Owners
  • Managing partners,
  • Managing directors (MDs),
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • General managers (GMs)
  • State managers
  • Executives
  • Other personnel where the firm wants to develop capability.

Project by project, step by step, together we will get you to your goals.





Testimonial by Brian Toomey

 “…my team have become more autonomous which is increasing the time I have to lead, coach and do business development work, and I have returned to taking holidays when planned”.