Board advisory

Quality governance practices are based on recognised principles and standards of best practice. Good governance occurs when there is a balance between risk and reward to suit the profile of your firm and the desires of its stakeholders. In a world where public and social awareness is continuously increasing, effective governance will allow it to operate in a manner that meets society’s expectations.

The application of best practice governance is fundamental to the success of your firm; it will increase profits and longevity while hastening the achievement of goals. With Directors becoming subject to an increasing range of legal obligations, the practice of good governance can protect a Director’s personal assets should decisions go amiss.

As an Independent Advisor I can bring fresh perspective in decision making for your firm. My role is to provide sound advice and support as we steward your organisation in the direction you desire.

My role as an Independent Advisor includes but is not restricted to the following:

  • Provide support and advice on best governance practice
  • Assist in strategy identification and evaluation of change success
  • Ask the ‘hard questions’