What and why

22 October 2019

If you want autonomy and to guide your future forward, seek more ”What” than “Why”. “What happened?”; “What do we want?”; “What is the problem here?”; “What made this feel good for... Read more >

Five stages of change maturity

18 October 2019

Great change is long lived…And just like great wine (or indeed shoes), it has a maturation process. Today’s Australian Financial Review (18/10/19) notes that RM Williams the Aussie manufacturer of a very... Read more >

Testimonial Jason Ito

18 October 2019

Referring to one session (from a Communication Series, designed to improve engagement, emotional regulation, time and team management, workflow, work satisfaction and strategy implementation), Jason said:   “Using the scenario situation where... Read more >

Building a resilient organisation

17 October 2019

A resilient company is one which can adapt and evolve with the changing environment gaining from every action it takes. Change no longer comes with big plans. It now occurs on the... Read more >

Live life as it is

14 October 2019

With such a fabulous spring day as it is today in Perth it’s a good time to pause, to sit back and feel life as it is, this very moment, in all... Read more >

Plays well with other children

11 October 2019

Do you remember reading this phrase on your kids report card along side their rating in science, physical education, English and so on? The reason it is there is obvious: Being able... Read more >

Creating a wickedly successful company

4 October 2019

$36B of value is being lost by Australian companies through lack of heart skills, says the latest Deloitte Lucky Country Report. Heart skills are skills which encourage kindness, compassion, acceptance, and caring;... Read more >

Seeing mistakes through clear lenses

1 October 2019

Mistakes are simply a result of an action: cause and effect. As is success. Seeing them in this way doesn’t mean you do nothing. Not at all.  You try to... Read more >

Do you measure up?

20 September 2019

The best measures encourage behaviour that enhances the achievement of strategic goals. When both lead and lag measures are used together, forecasts for future performance are more reliable. ... Read more >

What are you asking from Life?

16 September 2019

Jack and Jill are superlative professionals. Each morning Jack wakes and dons his professional armour. The smile, the gentle voice, the clearheadedness that wins awards, wealth and plaudits with ease;  he also... Read more >