What is holding them back?

22 February 2019

You have a team member who is not taking the actions that you need. They have the potential to do. You want to find out the source of avoidance or procrastination. It’s... Read more >

As a leader your role is to enable

22 February 2019

There are so many reasons someone is not fulfilling their responsibilities as agreed, such as confused priorities, biological issues, relationship worries, discomfort with ambiguity, lack of process. The list goes on and... Read more >

Make trust and creativity easier to build

21 February 2019

“United we stand, divided we fall.” This is a truism of much power as you know.  If you were to come into your office this morning and see your people sitting at... Read more >

Achieving goal success

13 February 2019

When we want a flourishing garden our first step is to remove. Only once we remove the weeds and unnecessary plants can we see the soil below. Unless we can see and... Read more >

Self awareness is an antidote for bad culture

12 February 2019

The clamour for virtuous culture has been ringing for centuries. Its unabated noise reflects the reality of human existence. Our mix of good and bad emotions makes this message enduring, and us... Read more >

We believe what we see – or do we?

11 February 2019

I heard a story from a professor who attended a Cambridge University science lab to watch flowerpots being levitated with mind power. The lab was packed to the roof with sceptical professors.... Read more >

Layering – that’s how great learning occurs

8 February 2019

As Ivan the hairdresser dried my hair he fluttered the blower, waving it 1/2 to his face and 1/2 to my hair, a 270 degree rotation. “It keeps the moisture in” he... Read more >

What to do when someone criticises you.

7 February 2019

You have been approached by someone important to you, and the complaining starts. The temptation is to defend or attack, a reaction that limits the opportunity to learn and build relationships. So... Read more >

Haynes Housing & Politics

6 February 2019

The Treasurer, Minister Joss Frydenberg, has said he will implement 75 of the 76 recommendations of the Haynes Commission Report. The 76th deals with remuneration of mortgage brokers. The Treasurer says... Read more >

In whose interest are we working?

6 February 2019

The Final Haynes Commission Report was released on 4th February 2019.  The Australian Treasurer has advised that the government, if re elected, will implement 75 of the 76 recommendations. Recommendation 76 – ... Read more >