What we focus on grows

13 December 2019

What we focus on grows. Turn your head. How many red items can you see around you?  How many of these had you paid no attention to until this moment?  I have... Read more >

What you do matters

11 December 2019

Over summer we get lots of opportunities to socialise. Its a time of pleasure and fun, providing heaps of moments to see how our behaviour impacts others thus learning what matters, improving... Read more >

Paying it forward

6 December 2019

Every so often someone acts or says something that changes our life forever: A few words from a colleague help us resolve a seemingly unsolvable problem. A friend makes an introduction that... Read more >


5 December 2019

Do you ever get the urge to take someone down a peg or two? Maybe they have done something that’s hurt you. Maybe they are just... Read more >

The secret of success

3 December 2019

Yesterday for the first time in ten years a LinkedIn post of mine got no views. I failed in my objective. I did not get what I had expected. I got a... Read more >

Let’s work to the design

29 November 2019

We are such strange creatures. We design complex machines with inbuilt warning systems to stop problems turning into calamities. When we see the oil light flashing on our car dashboard we’ll take... Read more >

Silence really is golden

28 November 2019

I am a scaredy cat. Not the type which baulks at dark laneways as I have had enough challenging times to be unconcerned by what could be lurking there, nor am I... Read more >

Light a candle

22 November 2019

A psychologist was asked to work with Cambodian refugees. Having only worked on first world problems she wondered at her suitability. These people had experienced horrors: torture, rape, poverty and starvation. Was... Read more >

Learning from fraud

15 November 2019

It’s very easy to get frustrated or disappointed with the Government, and the Assistant Director General who has been charged with allegedly stealing more than $2.5 million of public money. On the... Read more >

Raising the bar

15 November 2019

How often do you tell someone you appreciate them?  If you are like most of us not very often. Yet we will perform much better for praise than we will for criticism. In fact, we... Read more >