Relax. Everything is out of control.

27 March 2020

A couple of days ago as I was going through a private meltdown. You see, in trying to work out how I could be of best use in this constantly changing scenario... Read more >

Laughter isn’t cancelled

20 March 2020

As the world dips and dives your role as a leader changes.   It’s time to be kind and attentive to you, as well as your team. Yes, it’s time to rise to... Read more >

Its time to care

16 March 2020

In times of fear the best thing to do is to think about others. Helping others bolsters our sense of achievement. It reminds us, that no matter what we do, or have... Read more >

Feel sublime for a while

13 March 2020

In a time of uncertainty it’s useful to access your inner strength as well as put on the lens of Pronoia.  Pronoia is a delusion that others think well of one.  Actions... Read more >

The future is in our hands

11 March 2020

I have been told my focus on facts rather than fear has sent the wrong message. I wish to correct any misconception. This virus is a very serious... Read more >

Silence impacts resilience

6 March 2020

Resilience relates to our ability to adapt to whatever comes our way. Many people are good in a crisis or good in calm waters. Few adapt to crisis and calm with equal... Read more >

This shocks and appalls me

29 February 2020

I am shocked, though not surprised by this image. Yesterday I asked you to ensure your people know the facts about CoronaVirus19.  This alarmist headline is why. You can use your... Read more >

Stockmarket? Coronavirus? What the?

28 February 2020

The ASX has dropped more than 10% on the back of the fears about CoronaVirus19. Its reminding us… The only thing to fear is fear itself. As the market results show, around the... Read more >

The herd

27 February 2020

This amazing piece of art seems so appropriate I was going to say “today”, though I think the way we humans act it’s an appropriate depiction of behaviour we see somewhere every... Read more >

How do you use your intellect? 

21 February 2020

Over the years I have thought myself quite clever. I have been awarded, lauded and applauded … You know where this is going.  Yes I was bought down to earth with a... Read more >