The most valuable resource on earth

18 September 2020

What’s the most valuable resource on earth? It’s Time of course.  Time is the only non replaceable resource around. Our jobs are replaceable. Our lovers are replaceable. Our houses, cars, friends, family,... Read more >

We exist in a bundle of belonging

12 September 2020

“We exist in a bundle of belonging” – Desmond Tutu It will be interesting to see how COVID unfolds.  Not the virus, we know almost more than we want to about this,... Read more >

Making apologies work

11 September 2020

Did you know that apologies strengthen relationships? Yep, they do. They make us stronger too, that is if we do them well. Yet most of us stuff them up because facing... Read more >

Who will you feed

4 September 2020

What we enjoy in our career, our relationships, our health… indeed all of our life… has come from the decisions made by us and many others in the past.  We cannot change... Read more >

Confident Action

14 August 2020

The phrase “Positive Thinking” raises my ambivalence. Used as a desirable “mindset” I go cold. It overlooks the reality that humans desire pleasure and avoid pain. “Surely pleasure seeking is the path... Read more >

The blue sky

7 August 2020

Everything in life is impacted by the situations in which we find ourselves. We like to see situations as facts. However they are just stories we tell ourselves. Facts: The sky is... Read more >

The tight rope

31 July 2020

In these last months we have seen the human condition unfold in detail not seen for some while. The desire to fight for rolls of toilet paper and to help people struggling with... Read more >

Soldiers creating our future

24 July 2020

Contemplation is the request of the ANZAC Memorial in Kings Park, Perth. It asks us to remember the sacrifices made by soldiers past and present, not to celebrate exactly, but to remember... Read more >

Managing disappointment

17 July 2020

This week I have heard several leaders use the word ‘disappointment’ when discussing  personal and work relationships.  Disappointment is an interesting word. It is all emotion. It has no direction or centre.... Read more >

The donkey and the cow

10 July 2020

There is a parable about a donkey which wants to be a cow.  All day the donkey runs after the herd of cows saying “I am a cow! I am a cow!... Read more >