Strategy Implementation: A story. A process: Video

5 May 2016

Atlassian is a software provider which listed on the NYE in December 2015 for $4.37B.  It was only 13 years old. This is how it was done. ... Read more >

Turning strategy into results

18 March 2016

Turning strategies and plans into results seems to be the biggest challenge for many leaders. Haven’t you heard your staff say, many times: “Sorry I couldn’t put the plans into action because…”... Read more >

Use measures to maximise results: Video

24 June 2015

Measures are the propulsion in achieving results, yet they are rarely applied to maximum advantage. Gain early warning of opportunities and problems by using lead and lag measures. ... Read more >

Building your strategic plan: Video

16 December 2014

The strategic plan is essential to a firm which wants to achieve goals and assure its competitive positioning. It identifies the priorities for the period and enables resources to be optimised. It... Read more >

Our coaching now includes Mindshop-On-Line: Video

15 June 2014

To get robust strategies developed and implemented successfully I use the Mindshop Process and Mindshop On-Line with my clients. I am excited to advise that my clients will now get even more... Read more >