Building a resilient organisation

17 October 2019

A resilient company is one which can adapt and evolve with the changing environment gaining from every action it takes. Change no longer comes with big plans. It now occurs on the... Read more >

Creating a future that gives you freedom and happiness

16 February 2018

It is never too late or too early to live a full life. ... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Trust (4 min)

15 December 2017

Narrative follows video Edited narrative of video: Trust is a delicate thing that takes a long time to be earned and can be lost in an instant. Being able to trust... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Other viewpoints

9 December 2017

How’s your week been? Hope its been fabulous.  Mine has been normal. Its been up and down like a bride’s nighty as my mum would always say. Interesting term “Brides nighty”... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Decision making

1 December 2017

How’s your week been? How are you evaluating that question I just asked?  What criteria are you going to use? Every decision in life uses evaluation. As leaders that’s what we... Read more >

Week’s reflection – Increasing self respect

24 November 2017

How have you gone this week?  Have there been times when you wanted things to be different, and suffered the pain of disappointment, anger, frustration and the like? What did you... Read more >

Week’s reflection: Let’s GIVE

17 November 2017

Communication is at the heart of financial and personal success. Leaders who want to bring their people along with them know how to GIVE.  A simple tool which opens minds and doors... Read more >

Week’s reflection: What criteria are you using?

10 November 2017

How are you reflecting on your week?   (1:30 min video) ... Read more >

Why compassion leads to success (and how to create it within ourselves): Video

18 October 2017

The need for rapid change has created a focus on results. Without doubt aiming for goals is important to create financial success, but if leaders seek goals at any cost, it is... Read more >

The 10 fundamental factors of change success: Video

10 October 2017

Any attempt at strategy implementation requires an individual to change their behaviour. This means that habits need to be broken and new habits established. In theory this is easy, but in reality... Read more >