3 key factors of change success

15 February 2015

Any firm that desires to achieve a goal needs to change, whether that goal is to reduce costs, increase revenue, build value or improve any other aspect of its operations behavioural change... Read more >

Creating Key Performance Measures

16 November 2014

Creating performance measures is a task that is little loved.  Yet good performance measures are valuable. They offer a goal to focus on, show the success of changes in strategies and give... Read more >

Creating structure in sales calls

2 November 2014

Any discussion between two or more people benefits from having structure.  The Purpose, Process, Payoff tool can be used to plan meetings, telephone calls, and even performance reviews. Its simplicity means that... Read more >

Key implementation tool: The One Page Plan

15 October 2014

A good tool in the arsenal of implementation tools is the One Page Plan.  As its name says.  It is a plan on one page.  Its role is to close the gap... Read more >

How to simplify your day

6 October 2014

Achieving the most from your day requires getting the important things done. Right? It seems so simple yet fitting in the really important things in a busy day is hard. The reasons... Read more >

Building enthusiasm for change

13 February 2014

  “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order... Read more >

How to ask a good question

4 July 2013

We all know that the quality of the questions makes a difference to results. But just what are good questions? Good questions get to the heart of the issue. As I don’t... Read more >

Designing surveys to test customer needs

15 December 2011

One of the challenges when we want to survey our customers (to find out their needs, and/or how well we are servicing their needs), is to look for lead indicators, rather than... Read more >