Strategy Excellence – making businesses financially successful and admired

11 February 2015

The factors inherent in creating a business which is financially successful and highly admired are not secret and we look at them here.  ... Read more >

Seven sources of innovation

8 February 2015

Innovation denotes something new and unexpected that has been created through creative insight. Getting this insight may seem difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be. ... Read more >

Doing Calculus with Roman Numerals

7 January 2015

By Seth Godin Quick, what’s XIV squared? You can’t do advanced math without the zero. And you can’t write precise prose without a well-developed vocabulary. The magic of the alphabet is that... Read more >

Building conflict into strategy

15 December 2014

In a recent webinar on strategic planning  I commented that one of the pitfalls in the strategic planning process  is the lack of conflict in the planning process.  When one of the... Read more >

The listening post

19 October 2014

What is the essence of a good meeting?  The answer may surprise you. A good meeting seeks conflict not agreement. Sounds counterintuitive? Well its not when the purpose of the meeting is... Read more >

Key implementation tool: The One Page Plan

15 October 2014

A good tool in the arsenal of implementation tools is the One Page Plan.  As its name says.  It is a plan on one page.  Its role is to close the gap... Read more >

The collaborative economy – unlocking the power of the workplace crowd

15 September 2014

Unlocking the power of the collaborative crowd is delivering major benefits for the national economy, and can help Australian businesses meet their productivity and innovation challenges. Deloitte was asked by Google Australia... Read more >

Objections in sales ~ why you should LOVE them

15 September 2014

When you are confronted with an objection in sales, do you think ‘great’ or do you cringe? Great sales people actively look for objections and so should you – here’s why and... Read more >

How to find more time and increase satisfaction

15 September 2014

By Jennifer Bishop There is a belief that growing complexity of business is demanding more working hours, yet the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that between 1999 and 2012 working Australians have gained... Read more >

Our coaching now includes Mindshop-On-Line: Video

15 June 2014

To get robust strategies developed and implemented successfully I use the Mindshop Process and Mindshop On-Line with my clients. I am excited to advise that my clients will now get even more... Read more >