The importance of ceremonies

12 May 2016

Last night I attended the inaugural Fellows Dinner for Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand, (CA) in WA. It reminded me of the importance of ceremony and times where old friends can... Read more >

Australia: The future foretold

5 May 2016

As we know the world is teetering on the edge of recession. There are structural issues in all our trading partners. What does this mean for Australia and more importantly, WA? ... Read more >

3 crucial factors in budget setting

6 April 2016

The future can be only determined in hindsight and so it is crucial that strategic investments of people, technology, money and yes, even time, are well thought through. ... Read more >

Build your children’s future – make AMR History.

25 November 2015

Today I attended the official launch of  “Make AMR History” an initiative to eradicate a terrible problem, that being antibiotic resistance. It was quite chilling to be told that 35 years from now 10 million... Read more >

Stop the atrocities !

16 November 2015

The atrocities of last Friday in Paris remind us of how strong we can be when we are all aligned, and how frightening it is when we cannot trust those around us.... Read more >

The Ultimate Strategy

1 November 2015

Recently I was chatting to friends about leadership when I was reminded of a presentation that Mick Malthouse gave in 2011 on leadership and how the actions and reactions of the Coach impact club success. ... Read more >

I listen therefore you exist

30 September 2015

In these days of selfies, 9 sec attention spans and egocentricity, the ability to listen well is a skill that can set you apart. ... Read more >

Does business coaching really work?

26 August 2015

The range of organisations offering business and executive coaching has swamped our local environment over the last few years. Is this a fad? Should your firm use it? ... Read more >

Are you listening?

19 April 2015

Roy Hill, an Iron Ore mine in the far North of Western Australia is on line to achieve lift off in September 2015 when its first iron ore fines shipments will... Read more >

You’re 50, the kids have left home: What now?

3 April 2015

Change is challenging for everyone. In a firm there is often a process to manage the change, but in a family such discipline is rare.  ... Read more >