Creating the power of closeness

1 August 2017

One of the most frequently heard laments is leadership is a lonely role, especially for leaders at the very top of firms. Loneliness infers there is a lack of intimacy in relationships. If... Read more >

6 secrets of a motivating leader

21 March 2017

Whilst becoming quite drenched in sweat this morning I was reminded of the intricate forces which affect a firm’s chance of success. Struggling to perform a perfect jump, I was the recipient... Read more >

What is your CEO leadership score?

2 December 2016

Over the last year the world around you has changed. Your firm will have changed too. Whether you realise or not it will have changed in every aspect, sometimes only a little,... Read more >

2016: The world in reflection

2 December 2016

This year so far. January 2016. North Korea Hydrogen Bomb test First batsman ever to score 1000 runs in a single innings in cricket – 15 year old Mumbai schoolboy Pranav... Read more >

7 things to do this Spring

31 August 2016

1 Learn something new. Spend 15 minutes each day on skill share.   Access a myriad of information, from business courses by some of the world’s best thinkers (Seth Godin, Simon Sinek etc al), to calligraphy... Read more >

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

31 August 2016

“As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use”. This creates knowledge with depth and utility, but little novelty. ... Read more >

How ready are you?

31 August 2016

Is the down trend over?  Time will tell but resources prices are showing some stabilisation: FMG’s latest dividend was 25c compared to 2c a year ago and BHP Chief Executive Andrew McKenzie... Read more >

Balderdash ! Its not politics

8 July 2016

Getting elected to government and getting legislation passed is dependent on who has the best social media message. At least that is what I read in a reputable newspaper yesterday. An august... Read more >

How will Australia Deal With Brexit?

24 June 2016

The decision has been made and the UK will exit the EU. What this means for Australia is uncertain, but Owners, CEO’s and Boards need to put themselves on notice. ... Read more >

How to make a good decision

6 June 2016

There is growing interest in protecting emotional energy. A strong, rested, and well fed brain will return a reasoned solution to complex problem better than one which is stressed.  ... Read more >