Jumping through hoops

14 March 2011

I recently purchased a dress. The dress was a lovely vibrant red, my favourite colour. I wore it on Christmas Day and felt festive and fabulous in my new red dress. At... Read more >

Five things that annoy your customers

15 July 2010

Have you ever stopped to think that while you go about your day doing what you do best in your business, you could be unknowingly annoying your customers? Customer Service is not... Read more >

The 8 Key questions for profitability

8 July 2010

Many firms are bogged down doing work that is low profit, in an environment which is producing an expensive staff churn rate. The latter is a particular issue for productivity improvements as... Read more >

Are you ready for your competition

17 June 2010

A market on the up-swing can bring your company profit and, if that’s what you want, growth as well. This opportunity for profit and growth needs to be managed, to make it... Read more >