Living on the now

21 February 2018

Look around you. Right now. This moment. You are here because of decisions you have made in the past. The clothes you’re wearing. The jobs you’ve had. The way you have... Read more >


20 February 2018

Its integral in gaining success. Its avoided by doing nothing. Nothing is not a nice place to be. You may as well dig yourself a hole and lie there. Failure is exciting.... Read more >


19 February 2018

Knowing that this day will produce points of variety – some good, some banal, some bad – and that is the nature of life. Constancy is draining. Novelty, with hope, is divine.... Read more >


16 February 2018

The lane we drive in, the breakfast we eat, the clothes we wear. We make these daily choices, and get on with it. Its not the choice that matters, but making that... Read more >


15 February 2018

Undesired and impossible to achieve. Indulgence creates complacency, closed minds, lack of innovation, lumpy profits, cultures of blame and intolerance. Still want it? Don’t. There will always be a situation that shows... Read more >


14 February 2018

Combination of expected enjoyment with surprising twists which refresh the soul, like attending Perth Stadium Skyview Lounge, enjoying convivial company (expected), regaled by Canadian attendee of all Australian medal winners in Past... Read more >

Thank you

13 February 2018

Demonstrates appreciation and respect. Says “I see you and what you have done for me”. Frequently offered in response to receiving a gift, such as a toy, being let through the... Read more >


12 February 2018

Vital step in decision making process. To be activated at regular intervals. Asks: “What could stop this (or me) being a success?” To be accompanied by: “What would happen if it worked... Read more >


12 February 2018

Non attachment to one’s ego so that when something happens in life there is no focus on self (pleasure or pain) there just is a situation that has occurred and is dealt... Read more >

Chief Executive Officer

10 February 2018

Word of the day:  Chief Executive Officer Success requires extinguishment of desire. Personal goals, wants and desires are replaced by unremitting efforts to ensure successful happy lives of Boards, suppliers, customers, employees... Read more >