Growing prosperity – three questions

8 May 2020

“It once occurred to a certain king, that if he always knew the right time to begin everything; if he knew who were the right people to listen to, and whom to... Read more >

Increasing productivity and creativity

1 May 2020

As leaders our role is to enable our people to be as productive as possible. One often overlooked productivity factor is loneliness. Loneliness is a sense of feeling disconnected from others. It... Read more >

Thinking comes afterwards

24 April 2020

There is a lovely adage: When you’re thinking you’re not seeing what is truly there.  In our educated world we seem to believe that thinking is important, indeed so important that Descartes said... Read more >

What works now?

17 April 2020

We have had 4 weeks of intense changes, and media coverage that has gone from the surreal to the patently looney. And we have survived. The risk now is people will settle... Read more >

Bear Wisdom

9 April 2020

Easter is upon us. A time of chocolate, reflection, and hope. A time when bears sit in windows and wise words take centre stage, and who is the wisest bear? Winnie the... Read more >

Habits of happiness and joy

3 April 2020

Times are interesting if you hadn’t noticed, and I believe filled with great opportunity for all of us. This may be hard to see though with the multitude of regulations, changed family situations,... Read more >

Immune booster

1 April 2020

It’s time to be strengthening our body and increasing our endorphins is a good place to start. Endorphins are those feel good chemicals which arise when we do stuff that makes us... Read more >

Relax. Everything is out of control.

27 March 2020

A couple of days ago as I was going through a private meltdown. You see, in trying to work out how I could be of best use in this constantly changing scenario... Read more >

Laughter isn’t cancelled

20 March 2020

As the world dips and dives your role as a leader changes.   It’s time to be kind and attentive to you, as well as your team. Yes, it’s time to rise to... Read more >

Its time to care

16 March 2020

In times of fear the best thing to do is to think about others. Helping others bolsters our sense of achievement. It reminds us, that no matter what we do, or have... Read more >