Who will you choose?

3 September 2019

Tomorrow you will be moving to an island where you will spend the rest of your life. Everything you need or want will arise on call. Should you become ill appropriate medical... Read more >

Take control of your life

30 August 2019

Everyday every action we take touches the lives of many. Even a few moments driving to work effects thousands: mechanics, tyre manufacturers, ambulances, coffee attendants and even clients are each affected by... Read more >

Get real

27 August 2019

You’ve heard the terms: Narcissistic, Borderline, Antisocial, Schizotypal – descriptors of disorders of the personality which are uncomfortable to others. Each of us (yes, each of us) succumbs to some of the... Read more >

Opening the door

26 August 2019

Every day we have the opportunity to make connections who will change our life for the better.  It is amazing how quickly life can turn if we pay attention to what is... Read more >

Building courage

23 August 2019

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues … We can be kind, generous, just, courteous, and merciful sporadically, but to display those virtues, consistently, calls for an enormous display of... Read more >

Celebrate the quiet achievers

22 August 2019

It is gratifying to read stories about success and how the actions of strong men and women inspire. It salves our desire for heroes and drama. Our aspirations for more money, more... Read more >

The sleep fairy

20 August 2019

Each night when we go to sleep the sleep fairy comes and wipes our slate clean. You know the slate I mean, the one where we write all the worries, fears, mistakes,... Read more >

The body speaks louder than words

16 August 2019

Communication is the mainstay of relationships. It’s so important that we are able to appraise another in milliseconds of meeting, and then hold onto that appraisal until its proven wrong. We communicate... Read more >

What do I want from you?

14 August 2019

What do I want from you? Is it the things you have – Your beauty, your intelligence, your position, your money? What will happen when these fade as they are want to... Read more >

Joie de vivre

9 August 2019

What we believe about life infects every aspect of our activities. If that opening sentence interests you then you will likely enjoy learning about Richard Feynman a Nobel Prize winning mathematician and... Read more >