Mike and Mike

14 February 2020

I have two friends, let’s call them both Mike (not their real name of course). They are born on the same day in the same year, have the same hair colour, same... Read more >

Creating agility

7 February 2020

There are people in our companies who challenge us. They challenge our opinions. They challenge our authority. They challenge our fixed sense of who we are. Along with each challenge comes a... Read more >

The butter knife

4 February 2020

“Some people want their luck buttered” so wrote Thomas Hardy. And how true is that. How often do we see life through lenses which are dark if not totally blanked out? Looking... Read more >

Creating abundance

3 February 2020

There remains lots of support for new year resolutions. I find this interesting…Not because the support is required – with help goals can be achieved faster (and in any case it’s my... Read more >

The hidden opportunities

31 January 2020

Years ago when I was a young thing just starting out in my first business I found an opportunity in London so I passed my local clients to a friend and over... Read more >

Making a dent in carbon emissions

29 January 2020

Using the calculator tool of Carbon Footprint Ltd which I found in this ABC article I got a real shock about my carbon foot print. I thought I was pretty good at... Read more >

Be proud to be an imposter

24 January 2020

You think you’re an imposter? Join the human race… … A species that has pushed itself to its limits time and time again.  Pushing limits is hardwired into us, so we’ve also built internal... Read more >

6 ways to get your training reimbursed

20 January 2020

The world is changing and we need new skills to keep up. Life long learning is essential for our professional development just as it is for the profit and growth of our... Read more >

Where would the world be?

20 January 2020

Jimmy Barnes and Taylor Swift are different to most of us not because they are unique but because they appreciate their specialness. They feel no need to be... Read more >

Becoming extraordinary

17 January 2020

The thing about extraordinary results is that they can come from ordinary effort. There will be some talent involved but frequently such outcomes are due to hard work and the endowment of... Read more >