The donkey and the cow

10 July 2020

There is a parable about a donkey which wants to be a cow.  All day the donkey runs after the herd of cows saying “I am a cow! I am a cow!... Read more >


3 July 2020

It’s what we do today that matters. Not what we did yesterday. Not what we will do tomorrow.  But what we do right now. This moment. Each day we begin anew. The... Read more >

Managing racism and other difficult traits

26 June 2020

Initiating change is not for the faint hearted. Change takes time and humans become bored quickly. We also like things to be easy. Rooting out discrimination, like rooting out bad habits, is... Read more >

Increasing employment

19 June 2020

High employment increases innovation and thus our own job security.  The more people employed, the more buyers there are in the market and the more people who are providing great service and... Read more >

Compassion – using a sandwich

12 June 2020

Sometimes leaders confuse compassion with accepting under performance, for example, Jack has a sick child and is constantly missing deadlines. To ensure the project gets finished on time other staff are forced to work late.... Read more >

Let us all thrive

5 June 2020

Several weeks back I was walking after dark and behind me a chap started shouting abuse.  Becoming scared I looked for refuge, but the houses were all dark. ... Read more >

Foolish invitations

3 June 2020

I don’t know which I find least attractive: Invitations to link from people who want to impress me with honesty saying “I just let the algorithm choose you” ... Read more >

Care don’t cure

29 May 2020

It is said that the two things humans seek from others is to be accepted and understood.  Validation can help us feel both. ... Read more >

Everything is normal

22 May 2020

As I write this I am sipping coffee overlooking a local carpark, whilst enjoying a break from work. Cars and people slip in and out as I watch.  A man comes into view.... Read more >

The silver platter for your use

15 May 2020

I expect if you are like me you are getting loads of emails telling you it’s time to reset, it’s time to put in extra effort, it’s to time to transform yourself... Read more >