It’s different, let’s adapt

19 July 2016

I’m sitting on the windward side watching the yachts in front and behind. The wind is blustery, then it dies and all is calm. It rises again and down comes the rain.... Read more >

It’s my party

9 July 2016

Remember the song  “its my party” written by Seymour Gottlieb in the 60s? Well if you don’t, no worries.  It was based on the 16th birthday party of Gottlieb’s daughter. Her boyfriend had... Read more >

Why manners are important

6 July 2016

Manners seem so arcane: Please, thank you, opening the door, passing the water jug with a smile, replying to emails and messages. Such actions seem irrelevant in our fast paced world or... Read more >

Are you a trusted adviser?

23 May 2016

Being a trusted adviser brings additional income, attracts the best employees and the most enjoyable clients. ... Read more >

How is the professional of the future using Artificial Intelligence?

2 May 2016

Professionals are employed because of the knowledge they control: “know – what” and “know – how”. Artificial Intelligence can save or collapse the professional firm.  ... Read more >

Testimonial by Kate Meares

1 January 2016

“Although I have worked with other professional coaches in the past, I found Jennifer’s commitment and proactivity refreshing.”   ... Read more >

Why Trust?

5 November 2015

Trust is an interesting thing, without it our world would be impossible to navigate yet we rarely focus on its development in our firms. ... Read more >

How to lead an imposter

14 September 2015

Do you know who came into work today promising to complete a task believing that they did not have the skill to do so? ... Read more >

Do you have the champagne right?

28 July 2015

You stand in the board room witnessing the flow of champagne and celebrate the new client engagement and the Partner who won it.  ... Read more >

The hidden factors in acquisition success

29 May 2015

If you are thinking about acquisition as a method of growth be prepared for a Cheshire like grin to appear on your competitors’ lips. ... Read more >