Testimonial by Stephen McPherson

1 January 2017

Alegra Safety has had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Bishop to develop direction in where I want my business to go. The service she provides is provocative, creditable and enlightening and... Read more >

Testimonial by Brian Middleton

1 January 2017

Jennifer worked with me when SRK Consulting was under pressure from market forces. Her insight, ability to break things into bite sized chucks, and persistence in drilling down to the important enabled... Read more >

7 things to do this summer

5 December 2016

(1) Laugh Find ways to make your loved ones laugh once a week all summer. Feel the deepening of your love and trust (2) Align Spend time with people whose values align with... Read more >

Millennials are not who you think they are

4 October 2016

“Aren’t millennials hard work” I hear you say. “They want everything, but won’t give their loyalty. They are only focused on themselves”. Yet is this true? ... Read more >

What gets measured gets done

20 September 2016

The best measures encourage behaviour that enhances the achievement of strategic goals. When both lead and lag measures are used together, future performance can be predicted. ... Read more >

What sets you apart?

8 September 2016

A firm’s competitive advantage, often called its differentiator, is the myriad of activities which added together create value for the client. It is why a client will buy from your firm and... Read more >

It’s different, let’s adapt

19 July 2016

I’m sitting on the windward side watching the yachts in front and behind. The wind is blustery, then it dies and all is calm. It rises again and down comes the rain.... Read more >

It’s my party

9 July 2016

Remember the song  “its my party” written by Seymour Gottlieb in the 60s? Well if you don’t, no worries.  It was based on the 16th birthday party of Gottlieb’s daughter. Her boyfriend had... Read more >

Why manners are important

6 July 2016

Manners seem so arcane: Please, thank you, opening the door, passing the water jug with a smile, replying to emails and messages. Such actions seem irrelevant in our fast paced world or... Read more >

Are you a trusted adviser?

23 May 2016

Being a trusted adviser brings additional income, attracts the best employees and the most enjoyable clients. ... Read more >