It’s okay. Truly.

20 March 2019

So you are trying to change your habits, trying to be the best person you can be, and you’re not coming up to the stratospheric (or even mildly higher) expectations you have... Read more >

Maximising Total Shareholder Returns

19 March 2019

 In her 2006 article “Leveraging the development of business in the fight against global poverty” Jane Nelson reported that Total Shareholder Returns” (TSR) are maximised when “using the core business to make... Read more >

My message to NZ and others

18 March 2019

True leadership recognises that we all have to live together on this planet, and that there are many days to regret decisions made in fear. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern demonstrated her connection... Read more >

Scenarios – hastening goal achievement

18 March 2019

On the day of the Brexit result two years ago I wrote an article proposing 3 possible scenarios. My success rate has been quite reasonable:  bits of what I put forth have... Read more >

Using routine to energise

15 March 2019

So much of what we do in the day is routine. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the time we drop off to sleep at night, much... Read more >

When contentment comes

14 March 2019

Contentment comes when there is no more desire. When goals are forgotten. When wants are let go. That attaching to desire can prove painful is seen in all aspects of life. In... Read more >

How to get the angels to sing

13 March 2019

There is a term “Wise Mind”. It refers to the point where the rational and emotional mind come together, the point where logic and heart combine to create a decision that even... Read more >

Great strategy emerges

12 March 2019

Great strategy emerges from our existing information. This requires us to be watchful of trends. Asked every quarter (at least) these questions will uncover factors to allow you to create strategy that... Read more >

Budgets create meaningful lives too

11 March 2019

You may recall a homeless woman fronting my doorstep last August. Last week she got in touch. In October she regained high paying work and is attending to the debts that caused... Read more >

Keep your mouth closed

8 March 2019

Keeping your mouth closed is the best way to attain a position of influence. It may seem an oxymoron that silence produces a reputation for wisdom, but once you consider that influence... Read more >