Pessimism rocks

17 April 2019

I dislike the argument that we should all be optimistic, that those who see the darker hews of life need be re educated. This is partly because I am pragmatic:  Negativity is... Read more >

Making your inner critic work for you

16 April 2019

Your inner critic is like all critics, it makes comments because it cares. Critics want something different, something better. The radio jocks, footie commentators and critics of art want their words to... Read more >

Your future. Your choice.

15 April 2019

Today is a very important day. Yesterday has passed – though its teachings remain to guide us. Tomorrow has yet to come, sitting like a lighthouse beacon, highlighting safe and dangerous pathways... Read more >

Mind reading

12 April 2019

Recently a statement was told to me.  It was said quietly and with obvious pain. This person had recently left a relationship. The other person is hurting  I was told.  Nothing... Read more >

Change takes courage

11 April 2019

Changing a business requires courage on the part of business leaders and their staff.  Change can result in success or failure, and the possibility of failure incites fear for all those... Read more >

Saying sorry

10 April 2019

The thing about “sorry” when said with honesty is that it shines a light on cause and effect. “I did this and it hurt you and because we are all connected it... Read more >

Let it be

9 April 2019

Let it be. The Lennon McCartney song exalts us to let it be when times are troubled, dark, cloudy and even full of music.  I expect that for most of us this... Read more >

Delegate what you love

8 April 2019

Delegation. It’s an essential leadership capability. It’s very simple in theory. All that is needed is to distribute the workload to ensure results occur as planned. Easy, right? Not so for you?... Read more >

Life is not limited

4 April 2019

There is an interesting view to life.  That’s the view of scarcity. That everything has limits, and these are preordained. I struggle with this concept because of the evidence around us that... Read more >

Leverage your mistakes

3 April 2019

Mistakes provide on the job experience of how we interface with life. Restrictions in time, resources and indeed hours means that we often relegate investigations of our mistakes to the ‘let’s do... Read more >