A letter to the Minister for Home Affairs: Mr Peter Dutton

17 September 2018

 Mr Dutton,  I read with dismay comments from Andrew Wilkie MP that you have repeatedly refused requests from medical professionals to transfer traumatised children who are in need of medical treatment from Nauru... Read more >

Black or white.

14 September 2018

Right or wrong. Black or white. Should shouldn’t. Rules. Restraints. We are hungry for questionnaires and that tell us who we are: Answer some questions to find if we are open minded... Read more >

Diversity’s problem

13 September 2018

Diversity’s problem:  The time when decision making rested with one person has gone. The speed of change and its need for diversity of thought has put paid to that. Decisions by groups... Read more >

Smile or change your packaging

12 September 2018

There is a Chinese proverb: He who doesn’t smile should not set up shop. In this knowledge economy we have each set up shop. Yep, each one of us who is trading... Read more >

The reason guys don’t get it

11 September 2018

Recently I was involved in discussions on sexual harassment awareness efforts. It became obvious that group participants understood sexual harassment as a situation between woman and man. Although factually correct, most of the... Read more >

Life is a circus

10 September 2018

Life is a circus. One moment we juggle, the next we balance, another we are doing backflips. To do them each well, we do them one after another.  We can’t do a perfect... Read more >

Change doesn’t work by osmosis

7 September 2018

Change doesn’t work by osmosis: We would never be so silly as to read a book on brain surgery and after talking it through with colleagues and advisers cut open the head... Read more >

Everything that starts will end

6 September 2018

Everything that starts will end. Projects, holidays, friendships Responsibilities, thoughts, emotions Hassles, delights, concerns Lives All of life follows this rule. Know this deep inside you and then you’ll live life to... Read more >

Maximising luck

5 September 2018

Luck is not a strategy on which to bet the farm, yet it seems to spatter the histories of successful entrepreneurs, executives, directors and indeed partners (life and other) so methinks it... Read more >

Circles within circles

4 September 2018

The tightrope walker generates awe as we see her high above us. Each step she seeks a new equilibrium amongst the numerous variables that exist within and without her. Only a thin... Read more >