Life is not limited

4 April 2019

There is an interesting view to life.  That’s the view of scarcity. That everything has limits, and these are preordained. I struggle with this concept because of the evidence around us that... Read more >

Leverage your mistakes

3 April 2019

Mistakes provide on the job experience of how we interface with life. Restrictions in time, resources and indeed hours means that we often relegate investigations of our mistakes to the ‘let’s do... Read more >

Becoming trustworthy is straight forward

2 April 2019

Understanding how to build trust is becoming more and more important. Clients want to do business with suppliers who they feel safe with. Likewise employees want to work with employers who are... Read more >

Cause and effect

1 April 2019

Every effect has a cause. Every cause an effect. Every result we feel, we have been a party in its creation.When we recognise this we produce a better life. When we ignore... Read more >

Opening minds to new opportunities

28 March 2019

To achieve change of any type we need to bring people along with us. No change ever happens in isolation. The more understanding we have of another’s wants, situation and fears, the... Read more >

Making doubt your friend

27 March 2019

When doubt raises its head open your arms and grasp it to you and softly speak to it as follows: Remind it how many mountains you have conquered, many you have seen... Read more >


26 March 2019

It is normal in life that there are down patches, just like it is normal that there are periods of joy. All nature has its cycles:  The seasons that run from Summer... Read more >

A crash course to feeling more alive

25 March 2019

Tomorrow would still continue if I was to die tonight. The sun would come up. The moon would still set. Taxes would still be levied.  Whether my worries or hopes come true... Read more >

On love.

22 March 2019

On the weekend I had a discussion with a friend about how wonderful it was to feel loved by her. The love is that of true friendship, where my happiness is considered... Read more >


21 March 2019

There comes a time when its good to reflect on how we feel. Before jumping to anger, or sadness, or even joy why not reflect upon the source of those feelings. Doing... Read more >