Don’t just do it

1 February 2019

In the hustle and bustle of everyday living we are admonished to do something. To do, to buy, to act. In 1988 at the end of a decade of materialism and greed,... Read more >

Grow your pleasure this Summer

14 December 2018

Summer is a time of renewal, and growth  – in the environment, ourselves and our relationships. Where Christmas falls at Summer’s start, relationship opportunities are turbocharged through the enjoyable process of gift... Read more >

True freedom comes from self love

22 October 2018

True freedom comes when the love from oneself is so strong that the love and care of others can be received without demand or resistance. That this is not easy is seen... Read more >

Let’s party

17 October 2018

Is it the fear of not being perfect that’s making elopement de rigueur? Within an 18 month period I’m celebrating in absentia 3 weddings. That is 3 friends or family are enjoying their... Read more >

Happiness is waiting

16 October 2018

Happiness relies on your boss! (or so the headline said) Really? I think you and I know that’s rubbish. No one (boss or otherwise) can make you happy. Happiness relies 100% on... Read more >

Creating financial security

15 October 2018

The weekend papers were filled with opinion about global financial markets and what this can mean to stock values. All the opinions were well founded (if the future unfolds as each author predicts).... Read more >

The progress principle

11 October 2018

“Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work”. ¹ As a leader you influence the... Read more >

The importance of regret

10 October 2018

One of the emotions I treasure is regret. Its a counterpoint to empathy, enabling compassion to arise unbidden; vital to my happiness as it connects me better to others. Regret allows me to... Read more >


5 October 2018

There is a thing about good news that makes our hearts sing. Yesterday I read a gorgeous post about a chap who is battling Crohn’s disease: an heroic journey that ends with... Read more >

What do the measures mean?

4 October 2018

You may recall that I have a thing about measures, that I like them to report stuff that will help a firm achieve its objectives, and also be meaningful, that is tell... Read more >