Creating financial security

15 October 2018

The weekend papers were filled with opinion about global financial markets and what this can mean to stock values. All the opinions were well founded (if the future unfolds as each author predicts).... Read more >

The progress principle

11 October 2018

“Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work”. ¹ As a leader you influence the... Read more >

The importance of regret

10 October 2018

One of the emotions I treasure is regret. Its a counterpoint to empathy, enabling compassion to arise unbidden; vital to my happiness as it connects me better to others. Regret allows me to... Read more >


5 October 2018

There is a thing about good news that makes our hearts sing. Yesterday I read a gorgeous post about a chap who is battling Crohn’s disease: an heroic journey that ends with... Read more >

What do the measures mean?

4 October 2018

You may recall that I have a thing about measures, that I like them to report stuff that will help a firm achieve its objectives, and also be meaningful, that is tell... Read more >

Suit the board member to the need

3 October 2018

When Henry Ford decided to create a car for the masses the majority of people were being transported by horses, trains, bicycles and shanks pony. Had the Haynes Royal Commission had its... Read more >

Letting go negative thoughts

2 October 2018

You may recall I committed to 7 days of not holding onto negative thoughts. The first few days were all sunshine, then… Day 5 – a matter disrupted that idea and I... Read more >

Its time to rally around the underdog

1 October 2018

Its time to rally around the insurance, financial planning and superannuation industries who have been tarred by the brush of the Haynes Royal Commission. We have seen how well we can do... Read more >

Go West Coast!

28 September 2018

In 1992 I was walking the Perth river foreshore with growing disquiet. All noise was absent. Not a car, not a laugh, not a grass blower’s incessant rant could be heard. All... Read more >

Offer gratitude – it works

27 September 2018

When you connect to people who are good for you you feel it. This is a big deal. Your energy lifts and with it your ability to learn, grow and perform. The... Read more >