The body speaks louder than words

16 August 2019

Communication is the mainstay of relationships. It’s so important that we are able to appraise another in milliseconds of meeting, and then hold onto that appraisal until its proven wrong. We communicate... Read more >

What do I want from you?

14 August 2019

What do I want from you? Is it the things you have – Your beauty, your intelligence, your position, your money? What will happen when these fade as they are want to... Read more >

Joie de vivre

9 August 2019

What we believe about life infects every aspect of our activities. If that opening sentence interests you then you will likely enjoy learning about Richard Feynman a Nobel Prize winning mathematician and... Read more >

Building personal resilience the Triple A way

7 August 2019

Personal resilience is the buzz phrase of the decade driving personal development efforts sky high. This phrase is to be lauded. When we feel resilient we feel content – contentment is a... Read more >

Everyone is doing the best that they can

26 July 2019

Today everyone in your office is doing the best they can. Do you realise this? … Yes, there are people who are not willing to put in the hours or the effort... Read more >

The delights of making mistakes

23 July 2019

How do we balance the need to be right, with the need to make mistakes? The answer like so much of life is see the big picture and work to that. Often we... Read more >

Is it ego or care that drives you?

16 July 2019

Is it ego or care? As leader you know it is the care and help you offer your people that propels your success.  It’s the HOW you do this that separates the... Read more >

Converting dung to joy

11 July 2019

Life can toss us a barrel of dung sometimes. Placing it right at our front door where it must be faced every time we enter the world. It smells. It’s unpleasant to... Read more >

Reality is complicated

9 July 2019

Reality is complicated. This truism is often overlooked, in our planning and daily activities, producing in its wake consternation and pain. We seek something. We determine what it looks like. We affirm... Read more >

Let’s start arguing

5 July 2019

I heard a great statement by a local Abbott, Ajahn Brahm: “When everyone thinks the same no one thinks at all”. It’s so true isn’t it. When we are in our comfort... Read more >