Increasing productivity and other positive results

24 June 2019

When are you most productive? Why… Why are you most productive in this situation or that? Are you being productive right now? What measures are you using as guideposts? Every emotion we... Read more >

Managing conflict from afar

20 June 2019

Workplace conflict is not to be sneezed at.  How our people get along really does make or break a company. Many guides are written for people in conflict or managing conflicted staff. ... Read more >

She’ll be right mate

17 June 2019

We thrust people into new roles, into new teams and think: “She’ll be right mate” and walk away. The surprising thing is he or she frequently is alright. Of course it’s better... Read more >

Making the most of your exit interview

14 June 2019

People are on the move again.  Exit interviews are increasing. The question gets asked “What does the savvy leaver say in those final moments?”  Do they air grievances? Do they suggest improvements?... Read more >

Leadership versus management

12 June 2019

Leadership is about people situations and choice.  Getting the Right Things Done. Dreams and disasters. Showing why the route ahead is worth the effort to you and me. Enticing me to walk... Read more >

Becoming centered

10 June 2019

My mind is all over the place. What post will I write? Will it be about the need for more softness in our work behaviour, more gentle speech, more listening, more kindness?... Read more >

Use Easter to craft your future

19 April 2019

Easter is a great point in the year I believe. Not just because it reminds us of life’s fecundity, or because chocolate is so easy to get, or that there is a... Read more >

Keys to success

18 April 2019

As a leader CEO, GM, whatever, you have to inspire passion in others to fulfil your responsibilities, that’s because building something of value is so difficult that any rational person would give... Read more >

Pessimism rocks

17 April 2019

I dislike the argument that we should all be optimistic, that those who see the darker hews of life need be re educated. This is partly because I am pragmatic:  Negativity is... Read more >

Making your inner critic work for you

16 April 2019

Your inner critic is like all critics, it makes comments because it cares. Critics want something different, something better. The radio jocks, footie commentators and critics of art want their words to... Read more >