Meet Jennifer

Bishop Business Solutions is owned and operated by me – executive and business coach Jennifer Bishop.

Based in Perth Australia, my experience working in diverse industries including technology, resources, engineering, finance, education and manufacturing has created a wealth of knowledge that I draw on to ensure your expectations are met.

Over my many years of experience I have found successful change occurs with leaders who have the following 7 traits:

  1. Really WANT to succeed. The end goal is important to them for deep personal reasons. They are committed to making it work.
  2. Know I don’t have the answer. Each person’s want, background and skills combine uniquely. It would be arrogant for me to advise a solution, but together we can create an effective route forward.
  3. Own the problem, yet know its a problem that’s shared.  They know that where the business stands now is a result of their actions and those of their team. They bravely face this to make change happen.
  4. Know there is no quick fix. Fast change happens only in Hollywood blockbusters. Successful change comes from lots of small improvements  – which can quickly add up to significant results.
  5. Are compassionate. Until a plan is executed the exact results will not be known. Sometimes things go wrong. Successful leaders understand their team’s frustrations and will be ready with a positive word to keep them going.
  6. Are prepared to be vulnerable. They know that they will make mistakes along the change journey and accept this as a normal part of life.
  7. Want a simple process that is easy to follow. My process is proven on thousands of businesses. It is built on common sense and works step by step.

If you are a leader like this, I’d love to speak with you.

A Personal Note

My belief is that a firm where people are valued and ideas are cherished creates a meaningful and fulfilling work culture. Such a culture encourages connection to results and a desire to contribute to the lives of others. This is why I do what I do – I contribute in my small way to building our communities.

Away from work I sail, cycle, play in the garden and cook. These things produce much contentment in me.


Qualifications and memberships

MCom(Accounting); BBus(Law); FCA; GAICD.

Testimonial by Brad Boyle

“Jen has a wealth of experience gained across many sectors and a very easy process which is straight forward and well worthwhile.”