Managing racism and other difficult traits

Initiating change is not for the faint hearted. Change takes time and humans become bored quickly. We also like things to be easy. Rooting out discrimination, like rooting out bad habits, is anything but quick or easy as anyone who has tried to give up smoking knows. But it needs to be done if our people, our career and our company are each to thrive.

Where do we start?

Is it persuading die hards whose opinions are opposite ours? No. Their views and barriers are set in place. Good for anger, not results. Leave them be.

Success starts with us.


Imagine a boss who asks you to act kindly when you’ve been the butt of his anger many times.  Would you be committed to being kind?  I reckon your effort would be patchy if you are like the rest of us.

So, if you want to root out discrimination and other difficult traits in your team, become known for the behaviour you want employed.  Make the effort to…

  • Expand your horizons beyond what they are now, pushing yourself to meet more people who are different to you.  I don’t mean different in skin colour. I mean different in as many ways as possible: Politics, gender, sexual persuasion, skin tone, nationality, wealth, hobbies and so on. Everyone has a life that we can learn from. By being open to new experiences our lives and happiness grow bigger.
  • Question your opinions knowing that the opinions we each hold are formed from our experiences, our personalities, our fears and wants…and are thus incomplete.
  • Open your mind to the opinions of others knowing that their opinions are also incomplete.
  • Then… add their opinions to your opinions and create a fuller better picture for your use.

Do this day in day out and soon you’ll notice your decisions and the decisions of those you influence becoming less discriminatory and more creative.

That’s how we make big change happen. We start with us.

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