Increasing employment

High employment increases innovation and thus our own job security.  The more people employed, the more buyers there are in the market and the more people who are providing great service and products. Supply + demand forces us all to be better at what we do.  If we are leaders serious about creating sustainable profits and growth then helping those out of work get into work is part of our remit.  We may not be able to employ someone, but we can still make a difference.

Remember the last time you got a job?  Let’s make some assumptions as each of us are different.  Let’s assume you moved from an existing job, went through an interview process, and started out without much of a break.

This means that when you went for your interview you had an up to date understanding of what was happening in your sector.

And whilst you were finding the ‘right job’ you were dealing with workplace issues, solving problems – sometimes well and sometimes less so. As a matter of course you got feedback on things you did. During this time you were still building your skill set. You were confident you knew your worth. Remember?

Now think what it would be like to be unemployed at this point in time. Three months of close down. A changed marketplace (But how? You are not in it to know). Confidence wouldn’t be part of your vocabulary. You are travelling blind.

Then … a company calls you and says,…

“… look I heard you were unemployed and wondered if you would like to join into our training sessions.  I am not offering you a job, but I thought you may find it useful to come in and mix with our guys and gals and chat about business. It will give you an understanding of  what is happening in the market and keep your skills alive.

I want you to join us because… you may think of us kindly and buy our products and services at some future time, or even better we may find you suit our culture and when we have a job we employ you.

But… if neither happen we still win because our team will see how kindness operates in action. Kindness makes us more inventive…and that is the culture we are trying to instil.

So what do you reckon, want to join us for our training sessions and social occasions?”

Leaders…what do you reckon?  

I don’t know what will work for you and your company. Only you know that. What I do know is there are many ways to help someone, and help is remembered and valued.

I recall a true story about medical student who sold encyclopaedias to get through medical school in the USA. One day he stopped at a house of woman who did not have the money to buy the books, but she offered him a glass of milk and a cookie because he looked tired, hungry and parched.  Twenty years or so later she suffered a rare cancer. The young medical student was now a cancer specialist.  Not telling her that he remembered her, he took her on as a client. Using his own funds he employed a range of specialists to help her. When he sent her the bill it said “paid in full, with a glass of milk and a cookie”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered like this?

You can be you know. So be creative. Find a way to help the unemployed keep their confidence.

Its worth it … for your company and yourself.


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