Foolish invitations

I don’t know which I find least attractive:

Invitations to link from people who want to impress me with honesty saying “I just let the algorithm choose you” – which means “I am a prat and I don’t give two hoots about you”.

An invitation so banal it shouts the author couldn’t be bothered finding something in me that interests them (other than my bank account).

Invitations from people who can’t be bothered giving a reason. I like to think my writing is so enthralling that they just couldn’t wait to connect…but I expect the reality is otherwise.

Of course I know that people connect for self interest, but to connect without ‘connecting’ is to me foolhardy. An opportunity to start a relationship opens each time you connect. Don’t waste it.

A successful career or business is about people, not numbers, although the more good leads one gets the more likely your career, service or product will have a market. Good leads come from trying, checking results, and trying again, not from chucking an invite into the ether.

When all is said and done good leads (aka success) depend on trust: the provider being credible, reliable, and appropriately intimate.

We don’t get good leads by tossing out invitations. We get them by paying attention, and by caring.

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