The silver platter for your use

I expect if you are like me you are getting loads of emails telling you it’s time to reset, it’s time to put in extra effort, it’s to time to transform yourself and your business.  It’s time to do lots of things because if you don’t… well I suppose the underlying message is… if you don’t transform and change radically then a yucky future awaits.

I believe these emails have important information but sometimes they push fear too much.  Fear closes minds, it doesn’t open them.  In challenging times we need openness and the creativity it produces.

The rules of business are simple:

Work with customers who you like, supplying a product or service that they want, for a price that provides good returns to you and, adds value to your customers in a way that strengthens their loyalty.

If your business has done this okay in the past, then it is able to do it in the future. You’ve handled changes before. You’ve proven you can handle it.

The silver platter

What many of us are not seeing is the silver platter that COVID provides. This silver platter is the ability to connect with our people, our customers, and our suppliers like never before.  Honest caring in these times will build relationships that are sticky and profitable.

Who wouldn’t stay with a supplier who plays by the rules and shows us they care for us?

So, check out how well your business is applying the rules by all means, and review information emails for things that can help you become better, because of course you can always improve…but please remember…

You are well able to make a success of the future as it unfurls…because the magic that makes profit and growth comes not from outside with processes and ideas, but from inside your head, from the confidence you have in yourself, and your people. Your confidence will allow you make enough mistakes so that you and your business are successful.

The world has not changed, just a few parts have. Of course prioritise these parts and the maybe the 20% of the systems and strategy that need adjustment, then please put the rest of your energy into making full use of the platter that COVID has given you.

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