Everything is normal

As I write this I am sipping coffee overlooking a local carpark, whilst enjoying a break from work. Cars and people slip in and out as I watch.  A man comes into view. He is pushing a stroller in which sits a girl. She appears around 6 years of age. My eyes linger.  The man stops, places his hands gently behind her ears and straightens her neck and head. She slumps back down when he finishes. Her body says she has little muscle strength … anywhere.

Some boys in school uniform come rollicking in. They see the man and his daughter and stop for a chat. As the boys leave, each one bends down to the girl and says something. She seems not to notice. The man smiles at their care and seems to stand taller.

My eyes roam. Walking past me are faces full of self absorption, eyes down, jaws tight, brows with deep furrows. Other faces pass too: eyes bright, jaws light, faces turned upwards – ready to ‘hello’ or smile when an opportunity arises.

Kias mix with Ferraris.  Clean cars mix with dirty. People arrive in shorts, gym gear, suits, woollen jumpers. Pain, happiness, self absorption, and joy intermingle.

The carpark flows… as it did yesterday, as it did last year, as it will in the future.

The world is as it is. Everything is normal.

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